Mulholland Drive

Rating: 10 out of 10

I went into Mulholland Drive, like most of David Lynch’s work, skeptical. Would it match the brilliance of Blue Velvet and Eraserhead or miss the mark ala Lost Highway. Well, to say this film exceeded them is an extreme understatement. This is, in my opinion, one of the finest film experiences I have ever had.

Lynch not only brings us a terrific story, rich with interesting characters and plot turns but he also inhabits in in such a beautiful dream state. The cinematography is nothing short of miraculous. We are within a dream state that can turn nightmare at any moment and because we are so emotionally involved in Naomi Watts’ character, we are on the edge of our seat as to what could happen next. Speaking of Watts, she gives the performance of her career as Betty Elms, the amnesiac looking for clues to her past.

This film is a love, detective, and art film wrapped in a world that only David Lynch could create in the landmark movie of his career. An absolute must-see!


3 responses to “Mulholland Drive

  1. Your homeboy from F-15, AESOB 17th Floor

    Probably my favorite Lynch work, just ahead of Blue Velvet and FWWM… I really dug IE too, and it truly scared the crap out of me. But the sensual blend of attraction, fear, disgust, bewilderment, horror and overall fascination I felt with MH makes it my fav. I was by myself in the theater when I see it and I almost pulled out my donger and rubbed one out when the chicks started going at it.

  2. A “terrific story?” There is no story! It’s cobbled together from footage from a TV show he pitched that no one picked up. Hence the dream state. It couldn’t make sense, so he didn’t try. Interesting use of leftover materials sure, but that’s about it.

  3. Antonio D'Arcangelis

    A story doesn’t cease to be a story because it’s non-linear and pieces of it are crafted from seemingly unrelated vignettes. The “story” is of the aspiring actress beset by dark forces both within and environmental. It’s a classic tale, just told through the lens of a director who’s largely inspired by his dreams. True — Lynch started production as a TV series, but that doesn’t diminish the story elements. The amazing part, for me, is that Lynch can deconstruct the classic narrative and still develop a complete story arc. And putting the pieces together is half the fun. Who cares where they sprang from? It’s still a terrific story, just one arrived at through an atypical process.

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