Rating: 10 out 10

It’s a simple idea with a powerful effect: Take the weapon that is used to hurt you and embrace it as an opportunity of empowerment.

Erin Davies walked out to her car to drive to work and found the word “Fag” spray-painted on her driver’s side window, and “U R Gay” painted on her hood. It was devastating, having to drive around town with hateful message sprayed on her car — simply because she had a rainbow sticker on her car. She decided to seize the moment — she kept the car as it was, driving it in a gay pride parade. She then decided to take the car on the road, driving across America and Canada with her camera, talking to people about gay issues in a film that is part ethnography, part journalism, part documentary.

Davies has a strong voice. She understands narrative story-telling and how to use her camera. But aside from strong film making, Davies tells not only her story but the story of many victims of gay-related hate crimes, she talks to their families and friends, and shows the aftermath in communities. She used her small event to expose larger issues, putting herself aside for much of the film.

This is a daring documentary. Erin goes everywhere gay people are largely rejected, traveling to the bible belt to hold a mirror to much of the hate that still exists in our country. This is a film that should be shown in schools, colleges and universities across the country.

There are moments that make you sad and frustrated in disbelief. But there is a tremendous heart in the chest of this film. This is a fantastic documentary for everyone, made with an independent voice.

For more information on Fagbug, visit http://www.fagbug.com.


3 responses to “Fagbug

  1. thanks for posting matt!

  2. You’re welcome! It’s a wonderful movie, and you did an awesome job.

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