Top ten movies we wish were available on blu-ray

We realize that blu-ray is a fairly new technology, and perhaps some filmmakers are holding off on the cost of producing a blu-ray. But that’s just plain stupid. Blu-ray kicks ass, it’s here to stay and there are some obvious films that should be out in this format we love so much. You down with 1080p? Yea, you know me!

10. The Exorcist: The DVD edition is terrific but this terrifying film, in HD, with uncompressed audio brings chills up my spine.  I hope it comes out soon!

9.  Aliens: James Cameron took the film “Alien” and made it even better. With today’s technology and ability to remaster older films, this one could be a stunner.

8.  Back to the Future: It’s hard to believe this film is 25 years old.  Yet, it’s still just as funny as it was in 1985.  I’d love to see an updated transfer on this one.

7.  Apocalypse Now: One of the greatest war films ever made is aging like a fine wine and deserves to be out in high definition.

6.  The Big Lebowski: This is one of my favorite comedies of all time.  I just think about the adventures of “The Dude” and I start to laugh.  On top of that, the extras on a new blu-ray could be amazing.  Jeff Bridges and the Coen Brothers consider this one of their favorite films and I’m sure they’d love to give us more insight into the making of it.

5.  Mulholland Drive: My favorite David Lynch film of all time came out on HD DVD but has yet to make its blu-ray debut. It’s a shame because this is one of my favorite films to watch and rewatch.

4.  Chinatown: The greatest film noir of all time (I know I’ll get arguments from fans of the 3rd man and M but I don’t care) is still absent from the blu-ray catalog.  It’s the best film of Roman Polanski’s career.

3.  The Indiana Jones Trilogy: Crystal Skull has made its way to blu-ray but the first three are suspiciously absent.  I’d be thrilled to add them to my collection.

2.  Jaws: The water, the fin, and the teeth all in full 1080p.  One word: Awesome!

1.  Star Wars: All of these films were made for the high def format and the DVD’s are widely considered the best films in terms of quality on DVD.  I know I’m not alone that this is the most anticipated set of movies for blu-ray.

2 responses to “Top ten movies we wish were available on blu-ray

  1. The Original Star Wars trilogy without question is number one on my list (hell, I’ll pay twice to get the theatrical versions and the special editions. Take my money, George Lucas, TAKE IT ALL!!! I ADMIT IT, I’M YOUR BITCH!!!). Another movie that is not on Blu Ray as of yet that I was very surprised about is ‘Lawrence of Arabia.’ That would be fantastic remastered for Blu Ray.

  2. There’s a lot of them that aren’t on Blu-Ray yet. Sadly, classics like “Lawrence of Arabia” are at the bottom of movies that will make it. Studios know there are quick bucks to be made on other titles.

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