Mel Gibson finds new group to insult: Las Vegas hookers

A humorous commentary


Mel has finally gone too far!!

As most of you have probably heard by now, Mel Gibson’s baby mama recorded private phone conversations after Mel had threatened to shoot her and then bury her in his rose garden.  There is approximately one hour of rants at all sorts of groups including Mexicans, blacks, and Jews.  And last, but not least, the one that offended me the most and made me realize Mel has gone too far: Las Vegas whores.

* not actual hookers

That’s right! When referring to the breast implants of his child’s mother he said, and I quote: “You look like a Vegas bitch, a Vegas whore.”  Now, I can stand here and accept that he might be a Nazi sympathizer and a bigot but how dare he insult the Cadillac of all prostitutes and strippers.

There are thousands of crackhead hoes in all the major cities giving hand jobs in dark alleys for 10 bucks who dream to become a Vegas whore.  But, does Mel respect the aspirations of downtrodden hookers out there everywhere?  No! and I won’t stand for it anymore.

I am calling on everyone to stand with me until he makes a public aplogy and respects the right of all Vegas whores!! Who’s with me??

Editor’s note:

The Movie Brothers don’t love you or want you anymore either, Mel. Good luck with the whole rotting in hell thing.

With love,
The Movie Brothers

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8 responses to “Mel Gibson finds new group to insult: Las Vegas hookers

  1. Yay for Vegas gals!

    Just to remind us that actors are human and run their mouths stupidly like the rest of us.
    But did he have to be so bigoted on all fronts?
    I’m boycotting his movies 😦

    • I have to say that it won’t take much effort to boycott his movies. I doubt he’ll make another movie, unless he’s funding the whole thing. Either way, he’ll never be taken seriously again.

  2. So much for “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” …

  3. Bill Drinkmore

    I got your back on this one.

  4. I’m with you there, Bri.

  5. Since when are Hollywood actors supposed to be paragons of morality?

    • Hey Bob,

      We never thought they were. But douchebags are douchebags.

      Frankly, I don’t know how we’re still surprised by the behavior of actors and athletes.

      Thanks for reading! I enjoyed your blog. I’m going to add you to our blog roll.


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