A Town Called Panic

Tag along for the small-town adventures of plastic toys Cowboy, Indian and Horse when they buy 50 million bricks, setting into motion a crazy chain of events at their rambling rural home. Now trekking across distant lands, they end up in another world pludged under water in this film based on the Belgian television series of the same name.

Rating: 8 out of 10

I’m sure you’re like me in at least one way — you’re not watching a lot of Belgian television.

But you don’t have to speak French or be a film addict to appreciate this film, which has charm and character much larger than the toy figurines that inhabit this film’s world.

We see the world through the eyes of Horse, Indian and Cowboy, three best friends who live in a house in a quirky village. It’s Horse’s birthday, and by mistake, Indian and Cowboy order 50 million bricks instead of the 50 they needed to build a barbecue they were going to give him as a present. In order to hide the bricks, they stack the them in a giant pile on top of the house, ultimately destroying it and sending the threesome on a creative adventure through the ocean and other worlds all while surrounded by funny characters and bizarre situations.

The stop-motion animation is by no means as smooth and slick as “Wallace and Grommet.” Think more along the lines of 1950s “The Gumby Show.” But what it lacks in sleek looks it makes up for in bright, humorous writing. I suggest this for fans of animation. Others might be put off by the odd, sometimes shrill, French voiceover work and what some would consider shoddy animation.

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One response to “A Town Called Panic

  1. Why does this whole thing sound like something that might happen to Dennis?

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