Coming to Blu-ray, Star Wars Saga is


George Lucas keeps his baby safe. Star Wars fans seldom get a scoop on info, and Lucas usually is very behind the ball in releasing Star Wars products and projects — like the 25 year gap between “Return on the Jedi” and “The Phantom Menace” or the original trilogy taking years to get to DVD, and once it did it was the re-release with added new digital effects most fans didn’t want. But George Lucas finally announced that we’ll have the Saga on Blu-ray in 2011, but didn’t give an exact release date, according to a report by

We’re not sure which verion of the Saga we’ll get, either, but it sounds like they’ve been loading these babies up with tons of bonus features that will make your nerd alert set off on full blast. According to the report, they even showcased a never-before-seen clip (see video below).

For those of you who love movies and don’t own a Blu-ray player, stop wasting your time on DVD. There is nothing that looks better than a Blu-ray on a hi-def TV. Brian and I both recommend Panasonic Vierra 1080p plasmas with a Panasonic Blu-ray player. We can’t wait to see these films on Blu-ray. We’ll be so excited, we may even watch Episode I.


11 responses to “Coming to Blu-ray, Star Wars Saga is

  1. I completely agree with my brother. DVD is for standard def and blu-ray is for HD. If you love film like we do, go get a player now. Run don’t walk! We are so lucky that we finally have a the true film experience in the home. The resolution, the film grain, and the uncompressed audio along with new web features are a movie lover’s dream! I have an ever-growing collection (125 blu-ray movies at last count) that I’m proud to own. The great thing about the format is that film resolution is close to the same as 1080p so old fims look amazing too! I have Casablanca, Wizard of Oz, and Dog Day Afternoon among many classics and they shine!

  2. Apparently it’s the ‘improved’ versions of the first 3 movies that he’s putting out on BluRay. Y’know, the ones with Greedo shooting Han first and a young Anakin at the end with Yoda and Obi Wan. Lucas has been quoted as saying it would cost too much to bring the original films up to scratch for a BluRay release. Shame really.

  3. One can only hope The Star Wars Holiday Special is included as a bonus feature.

    • That would be truly amazing. Apparently, Lucas has done everything he can to wipe that nightmare from the planet, but it still pops up. Know where to get a copy?

      • You can watch it on youtube, it’s just brutal. I’d imagine a terrible copy could be purchased on e-bay. I would only keep that around to invite friends over for mushroom tea.

  4. I heard Lucas tried to have every master of the holiday special destroyed. I’ve actually seen it and understand why. I’d get rid of that embarrassment too.

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