We get it Michael Cera, you’re awkward

Michael Cera running awkwardly from paparazzi


Michael Cera is this generation’s Anthony Michael Hall. And like Hall, if he doesn’t do something other than act like the awkward nerd that he is, his career will ultimately fade into our memories.

He’s played the geeky kid in every role he’s taken. Sometimes he expands slightly into the geeky kid who desperately wants the girl and will do anything to get her in such movies as “Youth in Revolt” and “Scott Pilgrim Verse The World.”

At age 22, with a pretty hefty resume, I think it’s time to try a new pony because the one you’ve been riding is all tricked out. Look, I’m not saying the kid is talentless. “Juno” was a great flick, and “Youth in Revolt” had its moments. “Super Bad” was a riot, but not because Cera carried the load. In fact, he’s never actually carried a movie. He just sits in the background gettingng carried by more talented actors like Ellen Page. But that’s not to say there isn’t a place for him in Hollywood.

The thing is, he’s not about to quit his typecasting ways. He’ll be starring as Gilligan in the remake of “Gilligan’s Island,” expected to come out in 2012. He’ll play opposite Jack Black who will be Skipper Jonas Grumby. Those two were previously in “Year One,” where Cera played a caveman who was — you guessed it — awkward, nerdy, and desperately seeking the attention of a girl.

Who can blame him for taking these roles? He’s getting serious bank. Probably enough to live on for the rest of his life. I don’t think Cera should run out and try his hand at action films or go after a role that begs for an Oscar nomination. Just try something a little different. At this point, he’s lost credibility and I know what to expect from his movies — which isn’t much.


5 responses to “We get it Michael Cera, you’re awkward

  1. Wow, a Gilligans Island movie, I didn’t see that one coming. Maybe Gill and Skip will be dope snorting ho runners in this piece.

  2. Michael Cera sucks but Superbad was awesome and so was Arrested Development.

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