EXCELLENT!!! Keanu Reeves talks Bill and Ted sequal

Keanu Reeves, who broke into Hollywood as the shaggy-haired rocker Ted, recently told MTV he’s planning a sequal to the Bill and Ted franchise.

Bill and Ted had two films, “Excellent Adventure” and “Bogus Journey” that were both successful films and a Saturday morning cartoon in the late 80s and early 90s. It featured a fun supporting role by George Carlin and lots of unusual and hilarious historical figures, like Joan of Arc, Beethoven and Abraham Lincoln. Bill and Ted, who have a band called Wyld Stallions, are lousy in school and don’t amount to much. They get a visitor from the future in Rufus, played by Carlin, who travels in a phone booth (who uses those anymore?). Rufus tells them their music will one day change the world, but they need to pass their history test. It sends them on a crazy adventure through time, where they collect historical figures for a presentation. The sequel sends the two boys to hell, where they meet Grim Reaper, played in hilarious fashion by William Sadler.

As a kid, I loved these movies. Have I been clamoring for a third installment? Not in the least bit. But I’d definitely go see it if it were well done.

Reeves told MTV: “We’re trying. Alex (Winter, who played Bill) and I are still friends and we’re talking, and we’re talking to (writers) Chris (Matheson) and Ed (Solomon),” Reeves said. “They’re going to try and see if they can write something. To me, I’d love to play the role. I’d love to work with Alex and Chris and Ed again.”

“We’ll see what they do. If it’s a film that can stand up on its own … and I’m meeting people now, they’ve shown the film to their kids,” he added. “We just seek to entertain, and if that could be something that could be worthwhile, on its own …”

The Bill and Ted soundtracks were also pretty awesome, featuring some great bands and artists like Primus, Faith No More,  Megadeth, and Steve Vai. This could be a fun trip down memory lane, or a total flop. It may not even get made, but with movies like “A-Team“The Smurfs” and “Yogi Bear,” anything’s possible.

In the word’s of Abraham Lincoln, “Be excellent to each other.”


6 responses to “EXCELLENT!!! Keanu Reeves talks Bill and Ted sequal

  1. I don’t understand why Keanu says he’s interested. There is no way he’s REALLY interested.

    • You never know. They’d have to do it right. They would have to be older. It could work. I really liked the originals as a kid. I spend money to see it.

      • Yeah, I loved the B&T movies when I was little. I understand that it would have to be written REALLY well but this could be a potential flop. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  2. Wow, this is a revival I’d love to see!

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