CINEMONSTRUM! — an art exhibit

Check out this super-cool show that combines artwork with monster movies.

The show, entitled CINEMONSTRUM!, will be hold an opening night reception from 7-10 p.m., Friday, Oct. 1 at the Surface Salon, located at 658 South Ave. in Rochester, NY. The best works from CINEMONSTRUM! will then move to The Little Theater on Oct. 30 for a special display during their 25 Hour Horror Fest October 31. The Little is located at 240 East Ave., Rochester, NY.

Peter Lorre by Christopher Herndon

This is the second year that art group 1975, who is organizing the event, has been in existence. The group calls themselves: “a nomadic gallery operating in various locations in Rochester, NY. We are dedicated to exposing talented artists to a community that might otherwise overlook them and facilitating the would-be collector.”

It’s a cool combo of getting artists exposure and exposing the rest of us to great artists. I’ve been to their events, and they’re a good time. Plus, who doesn’t love a good monster movie?

The show will feature tributes to their favorite movie monsters by artists Christopher Herndon, Joe Guy Allard, Paul ]BLOKT[ Beresniewicz, Hannah Betts, Angie Carter, Chicken Bone, Jennifer Cichello, Sean Chilson, Amanda Clarke, Garrick Dorsett, Jeni Gray, Chris Hargrave, Austin “Bile” Keppeler, Peter Lazarski, Erich Lehman, Mike Loveless, St. Monci, Mr. Prvrt, Eric Saner, Mike Turzanski, Lea Rizzo, Matthew Roberts, Sarah Rutherford, Geoff Schweigert, and Beth Sumner.


3 responses to “CINEMONSTRUM! — an art exhibit

  1. Sounds amazing! Wish we lived a little closer, cause we’d definitely be there!

  2. Yes, it does look cool, but also too far away. Still, I’ll point my friend (who works on monster theory) to it.

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