Ghostbusters 3 latest update

I’ve been holding off on updates to this movie because there are so many rumors flying around the Interwebs these days. But there was an interesting report that came out yesterday.

Sigourney Weaver told the Toronto Sun at the Toronto Film Festival that Ghostbuster 3 is happening. This is the first time any of the cast have come out and said the film will happen. Bill Murray has been a wild card, because there have been times where he sounds less than thrilled about doing a third installment of the beloved franchise — even asking to be killed off in the opening minutes. Ernie Hudson, who played fourth Ghostubuster Winston Zeddemore, has shown a lot of interest.  Rick Moranis, who has been retired from acting and making country music, said he’d reprise his role as the nerdy Louis Tully. Director Ivan Reitman will return and television’s “The Office” writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg will write.

We at The Movie Brothers are in the group that wants to see the film made. We know there are a million sequels, dumb ass adaptations to film, video games, throw-back TV shows and rehashed material of rehashed material.

But this is a chance for a core group of very talented people who care about the quality of the film to bring a third film into the franchise and ensure high quality comedy with great special effects, acting, direction and, of course, music. Let’s just get this thing going already!


6 responses to “Ghostbusters 3 latest update

  1. Call me nostalgic but I’d love to see a nw Ghostbusters as long as its funny.

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