Top 5 Worst Comic Book Movies

There are a ton of bad comic book movies. In fact, the ratio of bad far outweighs the good. Victor and Matt compare their choices for worst of the worst.


5. Superman 3: Poor Supes. This series of films was always thought to be the equivalent of a very cute baby that turned into a butt ugly adult. Chris Reeve and the iconic man of steel deserved much better. Richard (post “Oh shit I just caught on fire from freebasing cocaine!”) Pryor? Really? Why not Cheech and Chong? Or Abbott and Costello meet Superman? After the wretched slapstick opening when Clark is involved in “pie in the face” antics you just knew you were in for a crapbag of a sequel. Annette O’Toole was pretty hot, though, but the corny video game attack on Superman really made me cringe.

4. Superman 4: The Quest for Peace:
Gee, Superman 3 kinda sucked so let’s get it right this time…but Nooooo. When I saw that this movie was to be produced by those hairy hacks Golan/Globus of infamous Cannon films fame I wanted to yank my eyelids off. What the hell happened to this once great franchise? Did Warner Brothers just run out of money and hand over the reins to a bunch of pimply high school foreign exchange students? Why was Margot Kidder completely bombed through this film while looking like she fell asleep under a hot lamp? What’s with that “Quest for Peace” title? Is this about King Arthur and the knights of the round table? Let’s not mention the bad hairdo on Reeve and the very bad effect shots that were used over and over again like some a Japanese monster movie. Reeve did not deserve to end it this way. Oh and I just wanted to kick that Jon Cryer’s ass everytime he was onscreen.

3: Catwoman: Huh? Where the hell did Michelle Pfeiffer go? I thought she was Catwoman? I’m confused and scared because I saw Sharon Stone playing opposite what’s-her-name who is not Michelle Pfeiffer. The scene where she orders milk at the Nightclub…UGH. What is one most likely to find in a dirty box of kitty litter? A DVD copy of Catwoman.

2. The Punisher (1989): When you can’t even put Frank Castle AKA “The Punisher” in the right Punisher costume then your production is going into the proverbial comic book movie crapper. I couldn’t even understand Lundgren when he spoke much less believe he had the mental capacity to exact revenge on the people who killed his family. Sorry Dolph, I know that was harsh. Sorry.

1. Batman and Robin:
Now come on…how could this film NOT make the number one spot? The cancer that was Joel Schumacher continues to spread in the this Batman outing when we were introduced to homo-erotic statues inundating Gotham’s cityscape, shots of bat nipples and asses and every frame and shot being lit by neon. Joel keeps the crazy train rolling with this way, way over the top Dayglo Sissyfest. A nail in the coffin that was the Batman franchise. The lame Mr Freeze one-liner puns like “Ice to freeze you” are an insult to true Batman fans. The action pieces were like watching really bad off – Broadway shows about disco dancing. Are those ice skates in your bat boots??? Clooney was just dull and his annoying head wobbling make him look like he needed a heroin fix. I would have rather seen Adam West come back to do a film. Well, maybe not.



5. Supergirl: Even Helen Slater’s hotness can’t save this film. While her long, golden locks and tight, complimenting Supergirl costume are titillating, the plot is horrible. She comes to Earth to save her home city on Krypton (which was blown up a long time ago, by the way) and dukes it out with a witch. Couldn’t we come up with a better enemy than a witch? Also, how did they convince Sir Peter O’Toole and Faye Dunaway to make this? The producers should have been given an Academy Award for that alone.

4. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The most unfortunate part of this film is that it was the swan song of the Oscar-winning great Shawn Connery. The brilliant career of Connery was punctuated by a film where Captain Nemo is Middle Eastern, complete with turban and pointed shoes. They really should have thrown in a flying carpet for good measure, but instead he had a submarine the size of Manhattan and he was a sword swinging ninja. Alan Moore is a brilliant comic book writer, but this movie was a piece of garbage. And why would Tom Sawyer be a sharp shooting cowboy-type? It makes no sense.

3. Judge Dredd: Sylvester Stalone stars in this futuristic film about a future where police are the judge, jury and executioner. Stop. You had me at Sylvester Stalone – the man who has to remake movies that were a success thirty years ago. The movie looks ridiculous with the silly outfits and bad acting and dialogue.

2. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace: This movie was a waste because it brought back the complete original cast of the first film, which was a triumph for comic book lovers. The dialogue in this film is so horrible, not even an Oscar-winner like Gene Hackman can rescue it. In fact, Gene Hackman had to do the voiceover for Nuclear Man, played by Mark Pillow (who never acted again) because his delivery was so bad. The dialogue killed this film even more than its plot, and Nuclear Man’s Lee Press-Nails didn’t help, either. What’s even harder to fathom, is that this could have been worse. Here are deleted scenes of the original Nuclear Man:

1. Batman and Robin: Iceman asks the question: “What killed the dinosaurs?” His answer: “The ICE AGE!” I ask the question, what killed Batman? The answer: Joel Schumacher.

This movie steps over the boundary of camp and well into the land of crap. Tim Burton’s memorable Batman from 1989 was campy but good. Lines from the Joker, like, “Where does he get those wonderful toys” stay with you, but at the same time are funny and fun.

This Batman, which includes Batgirl and Poison Ivy, wreaks of bad writing and gratuitous Batman butt shots. Schumacher has since publicly apologized for the film. The movie’s dialogue made me wriggle in my seat with discomfort. They couldn’t have crammed in any more ice puns if they tried. (see video below). Thank God for Chritopher Nolan.

26 responses to “Top 5 Worst Comic Book Movies

  1. When you watch the deleted scene from Superman IV, besides having music that will make you want to put a pistol to your head, isn’t it terrifying to think it could have been worse?

    Also, how do you greenlight Batman and Eobin with that script? It’s an insult to the English language and makes me appreciate Christopher Nolan that much more.

  2. The saddest part is that I love League of Extraordinary Gentleman. I mean the graphic novel is much better of course, but I still love it. It might be something about all my favorite characters combined in a single story… I don’t know.
    And of course Joel Schumacher wins this one, there’s simply no doubt about hahha

  3. Yes Batman and Robin is probably the worst movie ever with the exception of Highlander 2 and yes Superman 4 drove a nail in the coffin of the Reeves/Superman franchise…but how could we forger the amazing performances by Shaq in Steel? I would also give a nod to Howard the Duck but I understand why it didn’t make the list at least you can get drunk and laugh at the movie while the others just make you feel depressed.

  4. After watching those Batman & Robin clips, it’s clear that it’s one of the worst films ever made, even outside of the comic book genre.

  5. I don’t even understand why ‘Superman III’ is on the list. It’s not great, but it’s certainly not awful enough to qualify for the top 5 worst. And the Richard Pryor freebasing joke is soooooooooooooooo 1985.

    ‘Howard the Duck’ automatically gets a pass despite its awfulness because of this:

    and this:

    Especially the last one. :p

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  8. Superman 3, Smokey and The Bandit 3, and Highlander 2 are great movies to smoke to, I must admit.
    Especially, Smokey and The Bandit 3, oh, do review that one sometime.

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  10. Eric, I’ve never seen Smokey and the Bandit or any of its sequels. I’d be happy to do a trilogy review after I watch them if you want.

  11. “Batman and Robin” is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. So is “Superman IV”, although I did sort of enjoy watching Supes get pounded into the surface of the moon like a tent stake.

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  14. Wrong… The worst is SPAWN… That was bad… Punisher ’89 was great for the time as well as supergirl…

  15. Great list! Glad I haven’t seen Punisher and Catwoman but they surely deserve to be here. Poor Supes indeed. I LOVE Superman: The Movie and Chris Reeve but man, what have they done??! Though I have to admit, that scene of the drunk Supes at a bar in the 3rd movie was quite amusing… Supes looks so darn sexy with that stubbles, ahah. Oh, I’d add Fantastic Four in my list, too.

    Btw, I’ve added you to my blogroll.

  16. Skooal, you have a great site, and thanks for reading!

    RTM, thanks for the love! There are so many bad comic book movies, it’s hard to fit them all in. Spawn is certainly worthy. Have you seen the original, unreleased Fantastic 4? It’s really something special 😀 Look it up on Youtube.

    Thanks for the add to your blogroll. We’ll return the favor!

    • Why thanks Bros (I hope that’s ok if we call you that). You guys aren’t twins by any chance are you? ‘Cause I have a pair of twin brothers myself 🙂 Btw, whenever you have time, would you make FlixChatter one word please? Thanks again.

      No I haven’t seen the unreleased Fantastic 4, I’ll try to check that out on YouTube.

  17. frankie smales


    it was second too last batman film under joel schumacher
    because he claimed in an interview that after batman forever
    and batman and robin said he will not direct another batman film
    but due to contract with the film the saint val kilmer(batman forever)
    could not return as batman and tv soap heart throb george clooney took over the big pay off was chris o’donnell (batman forever and frasier) already signed
    up to reprise his role of robin but added a sister figure for robin
    barbara/batgirl played by rising star alicia silverstone (clueless)
    with tallented actress uma thurman (pulp fiction) as poison ivy
    and arnold schwarzenegger who needs no introduction because
    of his famed role as a killing cyborg from the future to have arnie
    as mr freeze lastly famed australian actress and modle elle mcpherson
    which she and clooney appeared in sitcom friends the film was fresh
    and new from the others a great stable cast and a fresh script and
    eyepopping sets but it had a bad reputation in the media because
    of the heroic costumes were too sexy for a childrens movie and
    the parents did not take well to the movie but i liked it over all.

    frankie smales
    (frankie smales movie and tv review uk)

  18. frankie smsles







    because after the end credits there were an extra scene where skelletor survives his plumit to his watery grave by popping his head out of the
    water saying I’LL BE BACK clearly that line was stolen from THE TERMINATOR (1984)movie but masters of the universe part 2
    never happend and thats why this film won the award .

    frankie smales

    (frankie smales movie and tv review uk)

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