Darren Aronofsky rumored as director of next Superman


Darren Aronofsky has been tied to a remake of “Robocop,” the cult sci-fi movie of the 80s, but today news hit that the celebrated director is attached to a reboot of the Superman film franchise, according to the L.A. Times.

I’ve got a lot of faith in this film because Christopher Nolan, who directed Inception and Memento, is producing and will have his hand in writing the script. Before Superman, Nolan also resurrected the Batman franchise with “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight,” which was one of our favorite films of the decade.

There have been a few directors rumored to take the chair. Most recently Ben Affleck, who directed the recent hit “The Town,” was tabbed but Reuters is reporting he’s backed out of the project. I think Aronosfki would be a better choice than Affleck, who has only directed two films. Granted “The Town” and “Gone Baby Gone” were both excellent, but Affleck’s only comic book film was “Daredevil,” a complete and total failure.

Aronofski has some serious directing chops. Movies like “The Fountain” Requiem For a Dream” and “The Wrestler,” which is one of my favorite films ever. He also won best director at Sundance Film Festival for “Pi” and the grand jury prize for best picture. His latest film, “Black Swan,” is already getting critical acclaim.

I’m pretty stoked about a reboot, not just because Nolan is attached, but because I was a little disappointed by the last one, 2006’s “Superman Returns,” directed by Bryan Singer. It’s not that it was bad, it was fun and enjoyable. But it was like a cover song. You can try and make it as close to the original as possible, but it’s never as good as the original. I think Nolan and Aronofsky could take Superman to new places.

8 responses to “Darren Aronofsky rumored as director of next Superman

  1. Aronofsky is one of the brightest minds in filmmaking today. I just have no idea how he’ll be as a Superman director since he’s never done a mainstream film. But, when Christopher Nolan got Batman, he was in the same boat.

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  3. Pi and Requiem are a couple of my all time favorites.
    Speaking of Robocop, have you ever seen Tetsu:Man of Iron, and, Full Metal Yakuza?

  4. I like Aronofsky’s stuff, but given his way of doing things I’d would expect a pretty fucked-up take on Superman. Which might be cool, who knows.

    Actually, I’d love to see what he’d do with a new Robocop. If they shot it in the real Detroit, they’d have hella good post-apocalyptic scenery.

    • hahaha. Very true about Robocop!

      I think there has to be a purity to Superman no matter who directs. You can put him in some dark stories, but he has to have a purity. He’s the embodiment of infallibility and a good spirit — plus you throw in some patriotism for good measure — and how the hell did I like these movies again?!

      Anyway, I think Aronofsky has to have a lighter side for this. It can be dark, but only so dark to make it work.

  5. I don’t know if Detroit is post-apocalyptic. I think it’s enjoying apocalypse as we speak.

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