Teen Wolf

Adolescence means changes, and for nerdy basketballer Scott Howard (Michael J. Fox), that includes transforming into a werewolf. What would seem like a setback proves to be a great asset as Scott finds himself unstoppable on the court and a hit with the ladies. Susan Ursitti co-stars as Boof, Scott’s best friend and confidante, and Jerry Levine plays the snarky “van surfing” buddy who tries to turn Scott’s lycanthropy into a windfall.

Rating: 6 out of 10

This was Michael J. Fox’s follow-up to “Back to the Future,” and while it’s no where near as fun or good, it’s certainly worth watching now as an adult.

This movie is stocked with cheese — the “Big Bad Wolf” theme song, the typical average kid growing through a major change while dealing with bullies, girl problems and a principal who rides your back. While it has all the makings of a typical teen movie, “Teen Wolf” breaks the obvious mold with making Scott turn into a werewolf. It’s such a ridiculous stretch that you have to just let yourself go along for the ride.

There are some genuinely funny and moments most of us can relate to. But in the end, it’s very typical — boy meets girl, loses girl while becoming a werewolf, and wins her back while discovering his true self. Oh, and he hits the game winning basket in the championship game. The studio was definitely banking on Fox’s star power for this movie, and without his talent it would have been a flop. It’s not that great, but it’s a fun walk down memory lane.


5 responses to “Teen Wolf

  1. God dammit Matt! Now I have to pick another one!

  2. ‘Memory lane’ indeed — I think I saw this in the theater long, long ago! Maybe I should check it out again.

  3. If Teen Wolf is a 6 then Teen Wolf Too most be in the negative numbers.

  4. and if you have an older VHS copy, in the end, as the camera pans over the crowd in the gym, a dude in the crowd… whips_it_out

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