American Flyers

Sports physician Marcus (Kevin Costner) convinces his estranged brother David (David Marshall Grant) to train and compete in a long-distance bicycle race across the Colorado Rockies. Family friction and a deadly medical condition inherited from the men’s father complicate their relationship during the rigorous training. Director John Badham (Mr. Brooks) captures the breathtaking mountain scenery while giving insight into the tactics of bike racing.

Rating: 2 out of 10

American Flyers has everything a cheesy 80s movie needs: bad mustaches, blonde-haired jerks, Russian bad guys, a come-from-behind sports story, siblings dealing with the recent death of a parent and an awful pop-rock soundtrack.

This flick is chuck full o’ bad dialogue, corny acting and, it’s worth noting, a distractingly bad mustach on Kevin Costner. I still don’t believe it’s really his. It must be fake. This is an overly sentimentally, sticky sweet sap fest and the soundtrack is laughable with all kinds of overly patriotic songs that are really misplaced.

Every scene with Costner and Marshall Grant slowly rotted my brain with overly dramatic dialogue that made what should have been a dramatic story into a laugh fest.

My mother, a huge Costner fan, watched this with me and said, “Even my boy Kevin can’t save this.”

3 responses to “American Flyers

  1. A little harsh maybe… it’s at least a 3 out of 10. I bet you are one of those guys who feels the need to dress up as Superman on Halloween. Anyway, hopefully you won’t be as harsh on an American classic called “Breaking Away”… my guess is you prefer movies like “Chud”. Don’t forget your Superman underoos.

  2. I feel like I need to see this movie now!

  3. EC, I fail to see what liking Superman and a shitty movie from the 80’s have in common. One is a classic and the other should be blown to bits…like Oprah.

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