Shoot ‘Em Up

When a mysterious loner named Mr. Smith (Clive Owen) delivers a woman’s baby during an intense shoot-out, he inadvertently runs afoul of the ruthless Mr. Hertz (Paul Giamatti). Now, aided by the enigmatic DQ (Monica Bellucci), Smith must shield the newborn from Hertz and his henchmen. Ramona Pringle and Stephen McHattie co-star in this bullet-riddled action-thriller from writer-director Michael Davis.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Testosterone-induced action? Check. Sweet British protagonist? Check. Hot Italian (literally, not Jersey Shore-style) female lead? Check. Evil eccentric antagonist? Check.

This film’s action is purposefully campy, which is why I enjoyed it so much. The situations in which gunplay took place were very creative and entertaining. Nothing was funnier than watching Owen and Bellucci get it on while Owen was killing some bad guys left and right.

Despite its campiness, there was, surprisingly, an OK story. Perhaps it isn’t as deep as a Jack Ryan film, but solid enough to balance the campiness. Besides “Big Fat Liar,” I don’t think I’ve seen Giamatti play a villain and thought he did pretty well; definitely fit the role of the extremely smart antagonist. This film was certainly worth the six bucks I dished out at Best Buy.


4 responses to “Shoot ‘Em Up

  1. good write up! I really enjoyed this film.

  2. Any film where a dude is killed by a carrot is okay in my book.

    Good review of an awesome film.

  3. Murphy’s law at its finest – I’ve also just reviewed this and will publish it on Friday. You’ve gazumped me!

  4. I know this late, but I rented this from Netflix on Blu Ray after reading this review. Ten minutes after I saw it, I ordered it from Amazon. It’s one of the best Blu Ray’s ever made, video and audio-wise. It makes my 7.1 system come alive. Highly recommend it and it was only $10.49.

    As far as a film is concern, the action is fantastic and ridiculous at the same time. You’re right about the story. It’s just OK enough to glue the action and campiness together.

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