Green Lantern trailer released

For those of you who haven’t read Green Lantern comic books, he’s essentially this hot shot fighter pilot who meets a dieing alien who gives him this magic, green ring that basically gives him an incredible amount of super powers. We’ve heard equally strange story lines from comic books, right?

That’s Green Lantern boiled to his simplest form. For those who have read the book, you already know it’s a vastly epic, super sci-fi nerd fest — even for comic book lovers — that spans numerous alien words. The Green Lanterns are the defenders of the galaxy, and the galaxy is really freakin’ big. I have said from day one that this will be very hard to pull off, but it looks pretty decent so far. This is the first trailer for the flick, and it’s got plenty of footage to give a real taste of the film, which is due out next summer. Enjoy!


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