Red Riding Hood trailer


This is courtesy of the director that brought us “Twilight” and “Eclipse.” I just saw the trailer earlier today and I am not looking forward to the teen hype that is going to ensue. I literally have a headache. Can’t wait to walk past Hot Topic and see the merchandise for this movie when I go Christmas shopping!

Red Riding Hood stars Amanda Seyfried as Red Riding Hood…blah blah blah… medieval teenager with gelled hair… blah blah blah… sexual tension… blah blah blah… lovers can’t be with each other. These all sound too familiar. Oh wait! That’s because I saw all of that in Twilight! After watching the rest of the trailer, I’ve concluded that this is pretty much a combination of “The Wolfman” and “Twilight.” Hopefully Brothers Grimm: Snow White will be nothing like this.


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