Get Him to the Greek

Ambitious young record company intern Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) will let nothing get in the way of his planned rise to the top in the music business — not even the unruly rock star (Russell Brand) he must escort to Los Angeles for the start of his anniversary concert. Doing whatever it takes to get the rocker from Point A to Point B, Aaron encounters all manners of mishaps in this comedy directed by Nicholas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and produced by Judd Apatow (Knocked Up).

Rating: 2 out of 10

Isn’t there a point during the production of a comedy where the director is supposed to ask, “Wait… shouldn’t this be funny?”

I didn’t laugh at all at this movie, which was a sort-of sequel to “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” that featured two of its lesser characters. I mistakenly was looking forward to seeing this and was disappointed to find that the film lost itself with loads of awkward and dirty moments that didn’t lead to laughs. Look, I get dirty humor. But I don’t need to see Jonah Hill shove a condom full of heroin up his morbidly obese ass. That dude seriously needs to lose some weight. He’s on a fast track for diabetes. And Russel Brand was boring and predictable. He has this swagger about him that shouts, “Look at me! I’m funny and charming, aren’t I?” No. No you’re not. The writing didn’t help his case. I didn’t find his rock star character’s sappy love song about his unit called “My Bangers and Mash” very funny. It’s just dumb. You can be dirty and clever — and even charming if it’s done right. Apatow did that so well with “Knocked Up” and “40 Year Old Virgin.” This was just an over-produced film with very little thought put into it. I feel like I lost a few I.Q. points watching this.

There are times when having a potty mouth is funny, but Judd Apatow needs to be slapped on the wrist for this one.


8 responses to “Get Him to the Greek

  1. Yeah, Matt, I saw this movie over the weekend and didn’t even chuckle once! What a letdown after Superbad, which, sophomoric as it was, I found extremely amusing.

  2. I agree, Joe. Superbad was hilarious, but Get Him to the Greek failed miserably.

  3. Had about the same feeling about the movie, but I am wondering what you thought of Diddy’s role in this? I though he was the funniest character in the whole movie.

    Btw, if you are interested, you can read my review here:

  4. Hey Nostra. Thanks for reading.

    I thought Diddy sucked. The only part he did that I liked was when he ate his little head.

    We’re following you on Twitter now. Great blog, by the way. Very good content. I like your style! We’ll add you to our blog roll.

  5. Cool man, I’ll add your site to my own blogroll

  6. Gotta disagree with you on this one, but I bet it’s a gender thing — Russell Brand is effing hot and effing funny, cause and effect unclear. I kind of liked the darkness underlying the movie, though it didn’t always mesh well with the gross-out humor, and I agree the writing was pretty uneven. I also think the musical pasticheis pretty damned brilliant but I agree that Diddy wasn’t all that funny. Neither was Jonah Hill…it’s too bad, because really funny comedians can do a lot with even a mediocre script.

  7. I don’t Matt, I recently re-watched this and I liked it, admittedly not as much as the first time. I did notice there were some moments that kind of dragged, but overall I found it funny, but not normal funny. I’m not sure exactly what is was but I think it had to do with its timing and deliver, it gave the film a very unconventional feel (perhaps only to me). Brand’s character was definitely inconsistent, but that may have been intentional as his character is unstable. Jonah was ehh. But I found Diddy pretty funny. Lastly, I thought the music was very well produced and after getting the Soundtrack, it is very legit. They’re not the funniest of songs, but their certainly songs that I have been able to listen to multiple times and actually like they way it sounds. I wrote a review back when it was theatrically released, although I don’t know how It holds up to my recent second viewing.

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