Burning Bright

 After her lousy stepfather (Garret Dillahunt) steals her savings to buy a vicious tiger, Kelly (Briana Evigan) loses all hope of going to college. But Kelly’s situation worsens when a hurricane leaves her and her autistic brother boarded up in their house with the man-eating beast. This edge-of-your-seat thriller follows the gutsy heroine and her younger sibling as they struggle to outwit the ravenous predator and find a way to survive.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Color me a shameful shade of red, because I actually enjoyed this movie on a lot of levels. The premice is bad — a man clears out his step-daughter’s bank account just as she’s about to use every penny she has to turn her autistic brother over to a home so she can go to college and he spends the money on a tiger he gets from Meatloaf. The tiger, of course, then gets loose in the house. It’s comepletely moronic, but fun. There are a couple of real moments of tension and parts that made me jump. I watched this with my mother, who couldn’t help but yell, “Don’t go in there!” About 90 percent of the movie is running from a tiger and the only two character during that time are the autistic boy and his sister, played well by Briana Evigan, who is making a name for herself in horror movies like “Sorority Row.” It was also an interesting dynamic to see the girl and her brother, who doesn’t talk much because of his condition. She’s panicking and running around trying to find bullets for a gun or distract the tiger while the boy doesn’t even flinch when the beast nearly nabs him. If you’re in the mood for a dopy movie, this one should do the trick.


2 responses to “Burning Bright

  1. He steals her savings to buy a tiger???

  2. Hahahaha. Yes! It’s so absurd, I know. If you can overlook the stupidity and just have fun, you’ll enjoy it.

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