Grown Ups

Comedy superstars Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, David Spade and Kevin James team up for a story of five childhood pals who reunite after 30 years to mourn the loss of their old basketball coach. Gathering at a July 4th celebration where their families meet for the first time, the friends find themselves acting a bit inappropriate for their age. Director Dennis Dugan (Happy Gilmore) pairs with frequent collaborator Sandler, who co-wrote the screenplay.

Rating: 5 out of 10

I originally did not want to see this film whatsoever. They played the trailer on TV way too much and some of Sandler’s film, made under his Happy Madison films production company, are just really not good — like “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.” I get annoyed when certain films get hyped and marketed too much for no reason. However, the opportunity to watch it presented itself and I decided to sit through it with my parents and younger sister.

It was an okay family film, to say the least. The target audience for this film is parents or innocent youngsters who will watch the same type of film Happy Madison productions spits out once a year — like “Paul Blart: Mall Cop.” Using the nonexistent (I’m currently working on one) Adam Sandler Movie Guideline, here is what the film encompasses: Schneider plays a weird guy, Spade’s character pretends to be cool, Sandler is a rich Joe-Schmo with a smoking hot wife, and James’ character is fat… with a smoking hot wife. Sounds familiar, right? see King of Queens. “What about Chris Rock?” might you ask? Well, he had some funny lines but his wife, played by Maya Rudolph, was funnier.

Having said all that, it still managed to get some laughs out of me; how the main characters interact in the film is what you would expect when you put these guys together in real life and them making fun of each other and doing goofy stuff. It’s a simple family film with some good jokes but don’t expect anything more than that if you plan on seeing it.


7 responses to “Grown Ups

  1. It really was a movie which I liked a bit more than I expected although there wasn’t anything special about it.

    If you’re interested, my review can be found here:

  2. Thanks Nostra. I just read your review and totally agree with what you were saying. The only thing that differs is that I was actually disappointed in seeing Buscemi. I feel as though Buscemi’s cameos in the Sandler films just labels him as “The other weird guy that isn’t Rob Schneider” by those who haven’t seen his more serious and better work.

    You know, now that you mention Buscemi, I think I’ll add that to my “Adam Sandler Movie Checklist.” Thanks!

    • Thanks for reading it. I actually never noticed that Buscemi is in Adam Sandler’s movies. I’ve seen him in quite a lot of roles, so it’s just cool to see him. Just like Christopher Walken it’s always fun to see him acting.

      One to add to the list is that Sandler always plays the same character (with a few exception of course).

      • Big Daddy – Crazy Homeless Guy
        Mr. Deeds – Crazy townie
        Grown Ups – Not-as-crazy townie

        The one you suggested for the list would be Number One. Thanks!

  3. This seems like one of those films that I would absolutely hate. Sandler is one of those actors, that you really like or really hate. I’m in the latter group. (Although I did like (the overtly long) Funny People)

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