Transformers 3 trailer

The Movie Brothers’ hatred of Michael Bay is well documented. We named him the worst director working today, and we weren’t big fans of the first Transformers and hated the sequel even more.

Officially, this latest sequel to the franchise is titled “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” and its teaser trailer gives us a tiny glimpse into what this is about. In the last film we were forced to endure comical characters — two dumb twins who fought all the time, an old-timer who carried a cane, and we hope they don’t introduce more of the same. In the first one we watched one autobot, Bumblebee, urinate oil onto someone. In the second, a giant transformer, made of construction vehicles, had giant testicles made of wrecking balls that clanged with the sound of church bells. According to the IMDB page, Optimus Prime and Megatron will be back, as will Shia LaBeouf. John Malkovich will also be in the film.

There isn’t much to say about this trailer because it doesn’t show any of the usual cast and starts in the 1960s with the first lunar landing, which is well done. As usual, Bay’s films look amazing. Unfortunately, his track record with storytelling leaves us with little hope for this film. Here’s the first trailer for “Transformers: Dark of the Moon.”

8 responses to “Transformers 3 trailer

  1. Wow, I guess I’m a regular dissenter here. I guess I like movies for what they are, not what they might have been. Take Transformers, the first Michael Bay brushstroke at telling the story of these mechanized heroes. This movie I see is there for CGI. Forget the story gaps, the mediocre acting, except for Johnathan Turturo – he was just fun – and look at the explosions and fun to be had. Turn into a 12 year old again and watch it for what it is.
    Now, with that aspect in mind, my 12 year old self didn’t get excited with Transformers 2 and with this trailer for #3 I’m just hitting a deafening internal silence. I just got blah’ed to death. I will probably see it on Netflix or HBO just to see the explosions and once again but they certainly didn’t sell me a ticket or a DVD off that trailer.

  2. The first Transformers was pallatable enough. #2 sucked. I think most of Bay’s movies suck. The stupidity of the plots and dialogue make my brain hurt.

  3. And I’m happy to have your comments. We love different opinions!

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  6. I’ve liked some of Bay’s movies (The Rock, the original Transformers) and hated others (Pearl Harbor). But my favorite thing he’s ever done is that commercial about how he requires things to be awesome.

  7. Dennis, we’ve got that commercial posted here:

    It’s pretty damn funny.

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