The Movie Brothers Podcast Episode 4

In this week’s podcast, The Movie Brother’s talk about the Top 5 Tim Burton movies, Danny DeVito’s “Housebroken,” Adam Sandler’s “Grown Ups,” Disney’s popcorn flick “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time,” talk Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and we trash Michael Cera.

Thanks for listening!

3 responses to “The Movie Brothers Podcast Episode 4

  1. Michael Cera indeed always plays the same role, it’s a point I also made in my reviews and I am sick of seeing that (although I did like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World). In Youth in Revolt he did show he could play something different with his alter ego.

    I’ve also given Memento, District 9 and Sin City a 10, so you are not alone. Inception is not a 10 to me, I gave it an 8 (too much explanation to rewatch it basically).
    Here is a list of movies I’ve given a 10 (and reviewed, there are more):

    I actually like Prince of Persia a lot. People took it too seriously…it’s a mindless rollercoaster (and like you said a popcorn film):

  2. Hey Nostra,

    Thanks for listening!

    I definitely want to check out Scott Pilgrim, and will. I’ll do it with an open mind, too.

    I just posted Prince of Persia today.

    • The thing is that Scott Pilgrim was such a good movie that I wasn’t that annoyed by Michael Cera (the review is up on my site).

      Yeah, saw the Prince of Persia review. I rated it higher, but that’s also because I not always rate things purely based on how a movie would rate among “the artform”. Sometimes I just rate them higher because of their entertainment value and as I stated, it was a nice popcorn movie.

      Btw, did you read the Aliens review I did? As I know you actually prefer this one to the original (I think the first one is better), I added my reasons why I think Alien is the better film.

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