Love and Other Drugs

 Pharmaceutical representative Jamie Randall (Jake Gyllenhaal) becomes a player in the big game of male-performance-enhancement-drug sales and, along the way, finds unexpected romance with a woman (Anne Hathaway) suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Based on the real-life Jamie Reidy’s memoir, Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman, this satirical look inside the culture of Big Pharm is directed by Edward Zwick (Blood Diamond, The Last Samurai).

Rating:7 out of 10

Once in a while a movie is completely marketed wrong by film companies, and “Love and Other Drugs” is a perfect example of that.

We’re lead to believe this is a romantic comedy – which is why my fiancé and I went to see it. The beginning of the film sets up like a romantic comedy, but the last half of the film goes to full drama, which may be why she liked the first half better than the second half, and I liked the film more than she did.

If we want to classify this as a romantic comedy, it’s certainly head and shoulders above most of them. There are some truly funny and relatable characters who meet in unlikely circumstances – a cocky, good looking lady’s man meets a woman with early onset Parkinson’s disease. It sounds corny, but the characters were developed enough that we believe in them and care about them by the end of the film when they are going through dramatic moments. It was a bit too long, and it does follow formula – boy meets girl, boy loses girls, boy gets girl back. But I think the situations they are in are unique and the acting is strong.  


4 responses to “Love and Other Drugs

  1. Sounds like a better and less depressing Sweet November. I’m interested.

  2. Ever since BBM, I heart Jakey Gyllenballs! how’s it hanging, Matty V, you old bastard?

  3. Hey T!

    Things are going well! Moving out to Vegas on Sunday and I got engaged to a lovely Vegas gal. Got a new job, too.

  4. It’s not a romantic comedy? That’s crazy, it seems like one completely. All the promo.
    I was wondering why somebody said it’s Gyllenhaal’s ‘most mature role yet’, and thought ‘really’?? But I guess I have to actually go and see this then.

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