The Movie Brothers Podcast Episode 5

The Movie Brothers are joined by guests Cinema Obsessed, two film enthusiasts and bloggers from, we talk Top Movies of the 90s, Love and Other Drugs, Cyrus, and have a triva contest with the Cinema Obsessed.

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3 responses to “The Movie Brothers Podcast Episode 5

  1. Matt, buddy, you didn’t post a link to it. 😉

  2. Nice to listen to the this one. I think some things that can be added as an index so the listeners can just go to specific parts (or skip parts). I skipped all of the promotion material for Tron, so basically skipped ahead in the podcast. Maybe also a special spoiler bit of the podcast?

    I saw Ed Wood this week, it was a great movie although I probably wouldn’t put it in a top 10 of the nineties. Haven’t seen JFK since it was out, but remember seeing it twice at the cinema. It was a good movie.
    Agree with Pulp Fiction as the best movie of the nineties, also in my top 5 ever.

    As for the Cinema obsessed choices for best of the nineties, those are very non standard choices. Original, but don’t agree on all of them. Office Space though is a classic.

  3. Hi Admin, i’m interested in being your partner. May you please contact me via my email? Looking forward to hearing from u soon 🙂


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