The Ten Greatest Movies Ever Made Part 3

Every day we’re cutting ten movies from our original list of 45 of the Greatest Movies Ever Made until we’re down to ten. Brian and Matt will each chop five from the list.

Here are the movies that didn’t make the grade.

Matt’s vetoes:

Apocalypse Now – There are far better films in the war genre. This one gets a little too out there and away from what the message it should have had.

2001: A Space Odyssey – I love Stanley Kubrick, and I know this is a controversial pick. However, I think for a Top 10 film of all time, it has to appeal to everyone, and this one doesn’t. A lot of people don’t like or get this movie.

Blade Runner – I just didn’t enjoy this movie. It’s one of those movies you’re supposed to like. I often don’t like those films.

Saving Private Ryan – This is another excellent Spielberg movie, but in the broad spectrum, there are far better war films. This is a beautifully shot film that feels more like war than, perhaps, any film I’ve seen, but the dialogue isn’t the best.

Dumbo – Those crows are totally racist. Hence, not a timeless film. Can’t make the list.

Brian’s vetoes:

Born into Brothels — Great film but nowhere near my favorite documentary. I’d put “Man on Wire” ahead of it.

Black Swan — A brilliant film but it’s not even my favorite film of this year.

Singin’ in the Rain — Brilliant, wonderful, and great dancing and singing. But, the plot is pretty thin at the end of the day.

Spirited Away — Visionary and wonderful even to people that don’t like animation. However, not a top 10 film ever.

Rashomon — One of my favorite Kurosawa films but not as good as other finalists on the list.

Movies remaining on our list:

Forest Gump
Seven Samurai
Wizard of Oz
Paths of Glory
Pulp Fiction
Taxi Driver
Raging Bull
The Exorcist
The Shawnshank Redemption
The Wrestler
On the Waterfront
8 1/2
Boogie Nights
Passion of the Christ
Citizen Kane
It’s a Wonderful Life
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
The Bridge on the River Kwai

16 responses to “The Ten Greatest Movies Ever Made Part 3

  1. Brian, good picks. Matt, you’re killin me.

    As much as I hate to see 2001 go, you make a good point which I can further. Since Kubrick/Clarke wrote the screenplay/book together, the best way to enjoy it is to watch it and be amazed and dumbfounded, read the book, then go back and watch it again. That’s a lot to ask of the average viewer. But well worth the investment of time.

  2. I didn’t even realize Born into Brothels was on the original list. That’s currently sitting on my DVD player right now to be watched soon. Glad to hear that it was at least good enough to make it to the top 35.

    • Hey Lizzi. Thanks for reading! It’s really heartbreaking, but worth the watch. My dad turned it off before the end because it was too hard to watch. If you do that, you’ll miss the best of the movie.

  3. Interesting concept and I do agree with removing 2001…I once watched it, but it really wasn’t my thing. I guess I would still have the same feeling if I tried to watch it again.

    A shame to see Black Swan removed, which is one of my all time favorites, but it’s fairly new and besides that I do know quite a lot of people that did not like it.

  4. I do not think that there is a better war movie than Apocalypse now, so that is an error of judgement I think on your part. Unfotuentaly I have not seen 2001: a space Od, but in Kubrick’s filmography Paths of Glory, Dr Strangeglove and the Shining are all better than A Clockwork Orange which is included on the list. I love Dumbo, despite its racist overtones, but to be fair most Walt Disney films are racist including the most recent Princess and the Frog (he was a Nazi sympathiser you know). I do not think Black Swan should be there anyway so I am glad that one is out and sad that Blade Runner is also out, which is Ridley’s best movie

  5. I agree with what you said about Saving Private Ryan, and though I’m sad to see it go Paths of Glory is still hangin in there! By far top 5 film for me.

  6. Its a Wonderful Life I have seen about 50 times. Always a good one. UP was so awesome. For a cartoon to make you tear up…well yeah. And I agree with Passion of the Christ on the list as well. Whether some believe it fiction or not, it is a very moving and motivating movie for many.

    • Worldwide gross for Passion was $611,899,420 . That’s gigantic. There’s a reason it touched so many people. Not that gross has to do with quality (see Avatar), but this movie is gripping and I think it’s a tremendous piece of film making. It’s 15th all time at the box office, which is a lot for a religious epic that alienates a lot of people’s beliefs.

      Up surprised the hell out of me. I really wasn’t expecting much, and it blew me away.

  7. Pi and Requiem For A Dream would take The Wrestler and Black Swan in a street fight.
    Sorry to see Saving Private Ryan get eliminated.

  8. This is a fab idea for a post series, guys. Glad to see ‘Passion’ still remains on the list. As you said, it’s a tremendous piece of film making and though it’s set in a language most people don’t understand, the language of ‘love’ and ‘sacrifice’ touches many. I’m a believer so it makes more of an impact to me as I don’t see it as just a piece of fiction. In fact, if Gibson had been truly faithful to the Bible, it’d have been a lot more brutal, as Christ’s face was said to be completely disfigured from all the beating.

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