The Ten Greatest Movies Ever Made Part 4

Every day we’re cutting ten movies from our original list of 45 of the Greatest Movies Ever Made until we’re down to ten. Brian gets to chop five, then Matt

Here are the movies that didn’t make the grade.

Matt’s Vetoes:

Goodfellas – This is an amazing movie. All the movies on this list are. But, it’s often pushed to the back of the line with gangster movies because there are so many. It’s lost in the shuffle, and it’s unfortunate, because it’s so much better than movies like Godfather that get all the love.

Taxi Driver – Great performances, gritty realism, excellent direction, but this is not Martin Scorcese’s best. There are a handful I like better.

Up – This is Pixar’s best film, hands down, and probably better than any Disney movie. It has heart, drama, and it surprised me how amazing it was. Breaks my heart to take it off the list, but we’re talking ten best ever, and it doesn’t make the grade.

Boogie Nights – Mark Wahlberg’s performance always seemed lame to me, which was the one thing that held this back. All the films have to be flawless, or really damn close. Excellent film, though.

Citizen Kane – It’s unfortunate, but this film has been dated. Newspapers are dead. The story is relevant, but the industry isn’t.

Brian’s vetoes:

Passion of the Christ — Moving, spiritual, and one of the most powerful films ever made. But, if you’re not Christian, it’s a two hour blood orgy.

On the Waterfront — Great story and contains Brando’s greatest performance on screen, but not top 10 ever.

8 1/2 — I vetoed this only because I don’t think it’s Fellini’s best film. That goes to La Dolce Vita.

Unforgiven — A powerful statement about old west violence and loss. But, again, I have to narrow the list down.

The Bridge On The River Kwai — This was the hardest film to veto on my list. Again, it’s a numbers game. Can I make this #11?

Movies remaining on our list:

Forest Gump
Seven Samurai
Wizard of Oz
Paths of Glory
Pulp Fiction
Raging Bull
The Exorcist
The Shawnshank Redemption
The Wrestler
It’s a Wonderful Life
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


21 responses to “The Ten Greatest Movies Ever Made Part 4

  1. mcarteratthemovies

    True, there are scores of gangster films. But I’d say “GoodFellas” is in the top 5, easy, and therefore merits inclusion in your whittled down list. Also, cutting “Unforgiven”? I think a little piece of my heart just died. If you cut “Shawshank,” that’ll finish me off for sure.

  2. List is shaping up nicely. Has definitely added several movies to my “to be viewed” list. Interested to see what happens on the Gump v. Shawshank front.

    • Which ones haven’t you seen?

    • M is a German classic. Almost made the Top 10. Brothels is amazing. Very sad, but stick it out to the end. 8 1/2 is an Italian film that is very interesting and considered a classic. It’s very good. Spirited Away is one of the best animated films ever. Hands down. Black Swan was my favorite movie this year. Roshoman is my favorite Kirosawa film.

      • Am very interested in seeing Black Swan, Natalie Portman seems to be everywhere lately. She’s come a long way since The Professional.

        Of those, what’s your fav?

  3. Bummer that ‘Passion’ got voted off 😦 But I do appreciate the fact that you guys appreciate it enough that it made it this far.

    I’m just ok about UP. I was more moved by Wall-e even though I thought it’d be the other way around. I hope ‘Shawshank’ and ‘It’s a Wonderful’ Life makes the top ten.

    • Hey RTM!

      Thanks for your continued readership!

      I don’t belong to a particular faith or church, but you have to recognize great storytelling when you see it. I get that it’s not for everyone, but it’s an incredible piece of film making. To be the 15th highest grossing film of all time that’s made in a dead language is truly incredible. It got ZERO interest from the Academy, which is a shame. It’s hard to believe Avatar would get nominated but Passion wouldn’t.

      Thanks for the feedback, and check in tomorrow to see if Shawshank and Wonderful Life make the cut.

      • Oh of course, you guys churn out great stuff!

        If only a lot of people in Hollywood and in the media is like you. Just because someone’s not a Christian it doesn’t mean one can’t recognize a movie (or anything for that matter) that speaks on that topic. I mean, if the main character were of a different faith, it probably would get more recognition. As you said, from filmmaking standpoint, it’s right up there with those celebrated films like Avatar. Acting-wise it’s also tremendous, the kind of physical transformation Jim Caviezel went through (including the weight loss and stuff that he suffered during filming) is comparable to what Christian Bale did in The Fighter.

        Anyway, I’ll be sure to tune in to see what films make your top ten!

  4. wow. how in the world do you get rid of The Passion for that reason? What about the fact that if you are not a drugie you can’t really understand what went on in Pulp Fiction! seriously!? Terrible reasoning for knocking The Passion out of the running.

    • I’m guessing you haven’t seen Pulp Fiction. It’s really not about a druggie. Drug crimes are a part of it, but it’s so much more than that. I think giving Passion Top 20 is excellent. That’s still saying something.

      • I have seen it. It was years ago and I could not get past watching the drug overdose. I will watch it again for the sake of having a more adult mind than I did when it first came out and I will get back to you on that one. I still am sad to see Passion of the list though 😉

    • Pulp Fiction is fantastic. Shot well, excellent dialogue, humorous, quirky in the way the story is laid out, good soundtrack. The drug angle is such a minor part of it, if anything it leads to one of the most memorable scenes. Next to when Marcellus happens to walk right in front of Butch’s car…..

    • I’m a Roman Catholic and I’m sure that enhanced my emotional involvement watching The Passion. But, pretend for a second that you’re of a different faith and don’t know the Jesus story. The story picks up at the Garden of Gethsemane and gives almost zero backstory except for the occasional backflash. To their eyes, they see a man who seems to be peaceful getting brutalized for 2 hours and may not understand why. Pulp Fiction requires no knowledge of the characters when you walk into the theater. You can follow it immediately without any pre-knowledge. This list isn’t what film is more religiously moving. It’s a list of the films made with the greatest craft of storytelling, characters, and visual style.

      • I agree with you on this angle of vision. Thank you for expressing it in this way.

      • Y’know, I had a similar reaction w/ you Brian that Passion puts the focus mainly on Jesus’ suffering. There’s barely a mention of His ministry on earth, even the sermon on the mount was only shown fleetingly on screen. At the same time, people of different faith who are moved by it and wonder why a man who’s clearly innocent (as the movie portrayed pretty clearly) doesn’t fight back and in the end forgive all who brutalized him might want to learn more about who he really was and why he let people did that to him. I don’t think the intention is to make a biopic of Jesus, but to show his ‘passion’ for humanity.

  5. Thanks so much for the feedback Karin. Unlike some blogs, we love to hear it all,’positive and negative whether people agree or disagree with us. There’s nothing we love more than passionate fans of film because that’s what we are too. 🙂

  6. Wow guys, UP over TOY STORY 3? And the exclusion of THE GODFATHER is borderline insulting. I love GOODFELLAS, and it’s super entertaining, but it has nowhere near the depth of the first 2 GODFATHER films. At least SCARFACE isn’t on here…

    A lot of good movies, but my list would look a bit different I think, but I do love your system here. Eliminating them in sections, very cool.

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