Dejected by the futility of his tedious life, bitter small-town resident Bill (Brendan Fletcher) takes matters into his own hands by constructing a bulletproof outfit, picking up his semi-automatic weapons and attempting the largest killing spree ever seen. Written and directed by controversial filmmaker Uwe Boll, this ultra-violent action movie features jarring handheld camerawork and original dialogue largely improvised by the cast.

Rating: 0 out of 10

Welcome to the Rampage review. I’d like to share some adjectives to describe the film and its director. Uwe Boll is a talentless, worthless, brain dead, passionless, soulless, blind, and creatively DOA director. His script is disgusting, stupid, pointless, and probably written in crayon. And the film itself is offensive, irresponsible, ugly, and flat out horrendous.

It would be impossible for me to truly clarify my hatred of this movie. You want to know the plot? A college age kid puts on a Kevlar armor body suit and murders innocent men, women, and children by the dozens. Why? It’s not really explained nor does it need to be. This film is so bad, the only thing that offended me more than the senseless violence was the senseless script or lack thereof. How in the hell does this classify as entertainment? I am not offended by violence when it is relevant to a story. ” Taxi Driver,” “Fight Club,” and “The Passion of the Christ” all had extreme violence that served a purpose. This film seems to think murder is somehow entertaining. Now, how is it different than your typical slasher films? That’s easy. There’s no suspense, no buildup, no justice, and no fighting back from any protagonist. We, as an audience, basically sit and watch the main character slaughter people. Thanks Uwe Boll. You just reminded me why you made our “top 5 worst directors working today” list. Stay the hell away from the movie business. I say with no hesitation, “Rampage” is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.


14 responses to “Rampage

  1. So.. you really don’t like it then? You tried to disguise your dislike but I can read between the lines!!
    LOL – 0 out of 10. Wow. It’s almost worth watching to see how bad it is!
    Lynn 😀

  2. Uwe Boll’s films are cinematic dog puke

  3. This is disappointing, although not surprising. I know Uwe Bole makes awful films, but I remember thinking the trailer was sort of perversely intriguing; this kind of subject matter, taken on by a director with any kind of talent or subtlety could be genuinely fascinating, don’t you think?

  4. I actually respect your views. If you say it is bad. I will agree without seeing it. I have no need to watch what we have already seen happen in real life with situations like Columbine and even the teen who just shot up another teen in school in Martinsville, IN a few months ago. You are correct. Entertainment has a PLOT and justice is at least TRIED by someone. Thanks for saving me precious time that I can now spend doing more worth while things. 🙂

  5. Karin,

    If you want to see a film that actually treats that material with respect, see Gus Van Sant’s “Elephant.” It was done as a recreation of Columbine but shown mostly from the perspective of an innocent student in the middle of a normal day gone horribly wrong. It won several awards including the Palme D’or at Cannes in 2003.

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  11. i 27, i 27… Bingo? No Bingo. love this movie. 10 out of 10 i watch it all the time. how can you not get the point of this movie? really? the world is so over populated its rediculous, so its a movie about someone doing somehing about it. so shut up and make my coffee with extra foam bitch hahaha this movies great. if you dont like it then maybe you should go watch the bambie you puss.

  12. Really Bill? Really?! Either you are lying to get us riled up, or you are just as mentally deranged as Uwe Boll (who reportedly also believes in the over-population myth).

    It’s telling just how cowardly most over-populationists are. They all want 50%-75% of the world’s population to be wiped out, but not a SINGLE one of them are willing to sacrifice themselves for the cause.

    Kind of like the main character in this movie. A coward and a hypocrite. I can’t believe I wasted hours of my life watching this crap, but at least now I know what all the fuss is about. The reviewer hit the nail on the head… it’s not just that the main character murders about a hundred people with no hesitation, it’s that he literally GETS AWAY WITH IT. No consequences, no repercussions, no justice whatsoever. He commits this act out of complete, blinding cowardice by giving himself every advantage in the book so that he can kill as many people as possible. And the plot is so unbelievable, like the way that he dispatches an entire town’s police force, it’s like you are watching some criminal’s sick fantasy.

    At the end of the movie, the guy’s best friend (who he also kills) is blamed for the massacre, and he gets to go home to mommy and daddy and enjoy the money he previously stole from a bank. So it’s all about over-population, anti-establishment….. but hey, let’s enjoy capitalism while we’re at it by robbing a bank and getting away with one of the worst crimes in movie history.

    I take that last part back… the biggest crime in movie history was when someone decided to fund this movie.

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