Showgirls: Misunderstood Masterpiece

A notorious bomb when first released, Showgirls eventually carved out a special niche in pop culture and now stands as a camp classic. Nomi Malone (Elizabeth Berkley) moves to Las Vegas with dreams of becoming a showgirl, but ends up working as a stripper. As she fights her way toward her goal, Nomi encounters sexism and dehumanizing conditions while sparring with a fellow dancer (Gina Gershon). Paul Verhoeven directs.

Rating: 10 out of 10

It’s unfortunate that there’s a large section of the movie going public that has failed to appreciate what I believe is one of the best films of the 1990’s.  Showgirls has been synonymous for years with how NOT to do a big budget NC-17 movie. But, if you look deeper, you’ll find a story that deals with a lot of heavy issues and does so with grace, beauty, and fierce determination.

It all starts with Elizabeth Berkley as Nomi Campbell in a performance that should have been the launching pad to an Oscar-winning career.  She brings so much more to the role than merely taking her clothes off for the camera, as many reviews have stated.  In fact, much has been made of the “flopping fish” sex scene in the pool. Personally, I think the scene took a great deal of bravery by Berkley to expose her flesh and soul on the screen in a daring, out-of-the box love scene. It was the culmination of her past and present colliding in a flurry of passion in the film’s defining moment. I get teary-eyed just thinking about it.

Her character goes through a metamorphosis starting with a young and naive girl who just wants to earn a living to a blossomed and seasoned woman who has learned that the world is full of people that want to exploit you. I’ve noticed upon multiple viewings that the film most closely resembles the classic “Wizard Of Oz,” but obviously wrapped in an explicit adult package. Nomi, of course being the Dorothy character, is swept away to a world that she thinks is Oz (in this case, Las Vegas) and will solve all her problems. But, much like Dorothy, she learns that what you hope for and what life and reality deal you are not one in the same. By the end of her long journey, we all earn, as Nomi surely does, that there’s no place like home. And………


Showgirls is on of the most rancid piles of pig shit ever created! I hope you enjoyed our joke and thanks for reading!


9 responses to “Showgirls: Misunderstood Masterpiece

  1. I never saw this film, but knew about its reputation. Reading your review about it really made me think I should give it a chance till the end of the review that was. Great joke!

  2. I was reading this and thinking ‘WHAT???’ ‘Are you having a laugh?’ – and yes you were! LOL

  3. Good One Brian, I almost stopped reading so I could comment immediately that you were out of your fucking mind.

  4. This IS like THE WIZARD OF OZ. Remember that scene where Dorothy is sold into prostitution by the Lollypop Guild! The resemblance is uncanny 😛

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