Bill and Ted 3 update; Most excellent


We told you before that Keanu Reeves was talking about a third installment of the Bill and Ted franchise — which I was a big fan of as a heavy metal loving kid.

Apparently, co-star Keanu Reeves wasn’t joking. He updated the story this week with MTV, telling the former music television station that a script is in the works and is weeks away.

“I believe the writers are six weeks away from a draft,” he told MTV on Monday, adding with a laugh, “No pressure, guys!”

Back in September, Reeves dished nothing but wacky jokes about what the project might actually look like — a 3-D black-and-white sequel co-directed by Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola and Werner Herzog? — but this time around the 46-year-old actor gave us some meaty clues about the film’s potential plot (albeit with a few caveats).

“I know a little bit. But I don’t know — the fellas went off and cooked it up,” he explained. “I don’t know what happened when they put the elements together.”

Bill and Ted had two films, “Excellent Adventure” and “Bogus Journey” that were both successful films and a Saturday morning cartoon in the late 80s and early 90s. It featured a fun supporting role by George Carlin and lots of unusual and hilarious historical figures, like Joan of Arc, Beethoven and Abraham Lincoln. Bill and Ted, who have a band called Wyld Stallions, are lousy in school and don’t amount to much. They get a visitor from the future in Rufus, played by Carlin, who travels in a phone booth (who uses those anymore?). Rufus tells them their music will one day change the world, but they need to pass their history test. It sends them on a crazy adventure through time, where they collect historical figures for a presentation. The sequel sends the two boys to hell, where they meet Grim Reaper, played in hilarious fashion by William Sadler.

So, in the sequels, you never know what song changed the world. Apparently the third installment will delve into that storyline.

This film could work if it doesn’t take itself too seriously (which may be hard to do). They’ve been bringing back every franchise, whether it’s from TV or the silver screen. Why not bring back Bill and Ted? At worst, it sucks as much as all the other sequels of late.


5 responses to “Bill and Ted 3 update; Most excellent

  1. Well, let’s hope it doesn’t suck! The first two were great fun. Station!
    Hey, what did you think of Kickass – I thought it was really funny. Didn’t expect to like it but really did – and what was the voice that Nicholas Cage was doing – I thought he was doing a James T Kirk??? What did you make of it?

  2. thanks. I’ll check it out. Thanks 😀

  3. It’s cool that this franchise is being resurrected, but I hope it doesn’t face a similar fate to other sequels/adaptations that are 20 years past their conception.

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