Latest Green Lantern Footage Released


Hot damn, that was very surprising. I think the CGI used in this film perfectly utilizes its technology in a superhero setting. I’m not particularly knowledgeable on Green Lantern, but essentially the guy can create and do anything out of nowhere with this ring. There are a few shots of Hal Jordan using this ring… and it’s pretty awesome. The world that Hal travels to after he obtains the ring looks absolutely beautiful, much more of an appealing setting than “Avatar” but that’s just me.

I was very hesitant on Ryan Reynolds simply because I’m sick of his sarcasm masked with handsome-type charm he weaves in almost of all his rolls. “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder” and “Waiting…” were the only ones I found him entertaining in. Peter Sarsgaard looks pretty good as Hector Hammond, whom I know nothing about other than this guy clearly loses his mind.

The Green Lantern oath that Hal vows is a bit cheesy but I love it. It’s that cheesiness in comic books that I love. Satisfies the inner 8 year old. Unless this is this footage is the best four minutes of the film, I have hopes for this. Again, like “Captain America,” it’ll make the blockbuster bucks whether it’s good, bad or so-so.


4 responses to “Latest Green Lantern Footage Released

  1. wow! That looks amazing! I can’t wait to see it! But as you said, I hope the four minutes I saw was not the only great minutes in the movie. lol

  2. I just realized that I don’t like how the suit looks.

  3. Before I saw this, I was starting to think either it had been shelved or it was gonna suck, but now I have renewed faith in one of my fav superheroes. Still some stuff I’m not too crazy about, but can’t really do anything about that.

  4. I was with the crowd that was very “eh” about the first trailer, but now I’m with that same crowd which is now “wow” about this WonderCon footage. It’s pretty awesome. The alien planet and all the scenes and different species shown definitely looks like it will come together in some really great sequences (I’m not sure comparing it to Avatar is fair – Cameron went with pure realism whereas a superhero movie can be more fantastical and, in turn, cooler sometimes).

    I’m not sure whether Saarsgard or the smoke thing is the main villain, though. I’m assuming Hector, which kind of disappoints me because that giant cosmic smoke looked way cooler. Either way, I’m am now looking forward to this movie and will definitely check it out opening weekend. Midnight… I’ll consider.

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