Top 5 Movies Shawn Was Right About


I tease my cousin Shawn about his taste in movies a little more than I probably should.

Shawn loves classic, critically-acclaimed cinema as much as I do, but he also loves shoot-em-ups, science-fiction, and action movies I would never even consider watching. He loves the, and I quote, “‘splosions,” and “pew pew.” He said he enjoyed “The A-Team” more than “Black Swan,” and said “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” was good.

He can be sentimental, too, for movies like “Shrek Forever After.” He loves TV, which I don’t. But he does a superb job on our sister blog, TV-Tastic.

I ran him through the ringer for his review of “The A-Team” and I figured since I beat him up all the time, I should do a Top 5 list of movies Shawn was right about.

5. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home: In this case, I thought this installment of the Star Trek film franchise was silly and far too wide a sidestep from the franchise. Shawn, a giant Trekker of the most massive scale, explained to me that I shouldn’t over think it. This is the Star Trek comedy. I hadn’t watched it in a long time and went back for a second viewing. Shawn was right. This is a lighthearted, fun Star Trek adventure that is very accessible and I enjoyed far more the second go around.

4. X-Men: Before going to see this  in the theater with Shawn, I really thought it wasn’t going to work. With a massive cast and so many characters to develop in the huge X-Men Universe, I didn’t think they could pull it off. I really wasn’t amped about seeing it, but Shawn really wanted to go. And he was right. It was a blast. The Wolverine performance by Hugh Jackman remains among the best ever in comic book films. I was wrong, yet again.

3. Mr. Brooks: This was a movie I totally would have overlooked. Kevin Costner has passed his peak, and I don’t really seek out his films anymore. But Shawn reviewed this film for us, and based on his recommendation, I checked it out. Very solid little psycho-drama, mystery movie with a really good performance by Costner. Good choice, Shawn.

2. The Other Guys: This was another one of those movies I would have passed over. I like Will Ferrell, and all, but another buddy police comedy? Like that hasn’t been done? Well, this happens to be one of the best ones. We laughed often and hard in the theater when we went to see it. We had a blast, and I’m glad he got me to go.

1. The Matrix: Man oh man oh man, was I wrong about this one. Because Keanu Reeves was in this, I instantly wrote it off as a crap-fest of epic proportions and literally scoffed at Shawn when he glowed about it to me over coffee. When I finally got around to seeing this on video — God, was I late to the party — I was hooked on “The Matrix.” This is one of the best action/sci-fi films of all time. While the sequels may have left a bad taste in our collective mouths, the original remains a modern classic.

Shawn 5, Matt 0.


11 responses to “Top 5 Movies Shawn Was Right About

  1. Best. Post. Ever. I give it a 10 out of 10.

    I think I’m the most glad that you came around on Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. I only vaguely recall mentioning it to you and I think it was during a discussion about Star Trek (2009) if I recall correctly. It really is a very fun film and it’s a fan favorite so you know what that means, don’t you? I’m slowly pulling you over to the dark side of the force.

    You’ve liked Star trek (2009), Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and I’ve taken you to a Trek Convention and you had a great time. You’ll be wearing Spock ears, green body paint and carrying around a tricorder and phaser in no time at all. Next up for you: Star Trek: First Contact, the film your brother references in #3 (Surround Sound) of his Top 5 Technologies That Changed The Movies Forever post. It kicks ass… seriously.

  2. The Other Guys was definitely an awesome comedy just because it’s so ridiculous. Especially the Dwayne Johnson/Sam Jackson parts. Haha… it rocks. Kudos on the other convincing as well. I gotta say, I’m probably more along the line of Shawn in movie tastes. The classics are great, but I’m also very much a moviegoer for the entertainment value (and Transformers entertains a lot, particularly to the sum of $700 million).

    Also, surround sound is amazing. IMAX Theater… it’s just… perfect. Great post! And now you’ve directed me to yet another blog to keep track of!

  3. Welcome aboard, Hunter! Feel free to join us on Facebook as well.

    You know, I’m still running into people who don’t like The Other Guys and I don’t know how you couldn’t. Most of the comedies that come out today are just unfunny crap yet this is a laugh riot. One of the things that Matt and I noticed when we saw in the theater was that that it started to drag a little bit about 3/4 of the way through. Well, I found out why when I got the extended cut Blu-Ray. They cut out two hilarious scenes that make the movie flow better and with the extended cut it doesn’t drag at all. I highly recommend it.

    It’s funny that you bring up Transformers because it bugged me in 2009 that the first film was so highly regarded by critics, yet the second one was panned across the board. I really don’t get that because the writing and dialogue was no worse and they both accomplish the same thing at the end of the day: they provided ridiculous, over-the-top action and 30 foot robots kicking each other’s asses. So where are the problems with the second one that the first one didn’t have?

  4. Hi
    Not seen 3 of these films! But I loved X-Men and thought Hugh Jackman was excellent and I also loved the Matrix. I’ll have to check out the other 3.
    Think I’m liking Shawn’s taste – what’s up with a few explosions after all- not to mention Shrek Forever After. 😀

  5. I believe I’m developing a fanbase. 🙂

    • I’m already a fan!

      I’m more of a movie snob. I’ll go out of my way for an indy flick, but I also will be at opening night of Scream 4 (review to come). I love a lot of comic book movies, but I’m not a big action guy. I could give a crap most of the time. We did do our Top 5 Action movies. Check it out here.

  6. Transformers is a piece of shit.

    However, I did like all 5 of the films on this list, particularly the Matrix which is brilliant.

  7. I had such low expectations for The Matrix when it came out, I decided to down some magic mushrooms before hand. That brief shot where it rained bullets, I was trying to catch them.

  8. Magic Mushrooms? The air freshener or the ones in Super Mario Bros.?

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