The Hangover: Part II

In this booze- and laugh-soaked sequel to The Hangover, the buddies from the earlier film’s bachelor party reunite for a wedding trip to Thailand where one of them, Stu Price (Ed Helms), is planning to tie the knot. Stu is determined that his own pre-wedding party should be a restrained and dignified affair, but between the habits of his friends and the multiple distractions of Bangkok, fate has other plans in store for him. Todd Phillips directs.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Copy and paste the plot of the first “Hangover,” and you’ve got “Hangover: Part II.” In order to enjoy this movie, you just have to get over that, because these movies aren’t about the plot, they’re about the gags, and this film has some hilarious moments.

The plot line doesn’t effect the bits in this film. Even if you know where the plot is going, you don’t know the jokes that will follow. And there are many. This film is loaded with the gross-out humor, drugs, drinking, and the like, just like the first. This film, though, concentrates on the laughs. I think this one has double the jokes. You won’t be able to remember them, but if this is your kind of humor, you’ll laugh along.

Is this a great comedy? No, but it’ll get the job done.


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