The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Released


The promise of “The Dark Knight Rises” is unlimited. I felt like that before “The Dark Knight,” which is hands down one of the best comic book films ever made.

I had concerns about the number of characters and villains in “The Dark Knight.” There was Two Face and Joker, and it’s difficult to pull off two villains in the same film because they can often not be developed into anything more than a cookie cutter bad guy. But that was not the case, at all. Christopher Nolan understands storytelling and has handled the Batman franchise with great care and respect for his audience.

I have no qualms saying that “The Dark Knight Rises” will be just as good as its prequels. The Bane charater, played by Tom Hardy, looks nothing short of menacing and terrible. The above photo is enough to give you the creeps. We also get a small glimpse of Catwoman, thought it’s hard to see much. Even though this trailer is a mere wetting of our appetites, “The Dark Knight Rises” already looks amazing. It’s going to be a long year of waiting.

Thanks for our sister blog TV-Tastic for the trailer!

One response to “The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Released

  1. (/super late!)

    I was super excited about TDK like you and am no different for DKR this time around, but this trailer could have been better. It’s a great trailer, but I say that because, well, I’d say that about any trailer for an upcoming Chris Nolan film. It’s just awesome like that. Looking at it as a trailer, however, it’s a big disappointing.

    Gary Oldman’s dialogue is hard to make out. My friends actually didn’t even know what he had said until I told them a few days later. Besides that, I wish that clip of Bane at the end had been about two seconds longer. I don’t need to know Bane is in the film, I know that already. I want to know what he’s LIKE in the film.

    Another review I read (ScreenRant), said the problem is that this trailer was more of an announcement trailer as opposed to a teaser. Except…DKR doesn’t need to be announced. Everyone already knows it’s coming; they just want to see Catwoman already! These are all complaints about the trailer, of course. The actual film…there are NO doubts there. The only thing that’s on the fence is whether the Oscars will be cooler next time around with honoring a superhero film.

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