After moving into a new home, Josh (Patrick Wilson) and his wife Renai (Rose Byrne) confront terrifying tribulations when their son Dalton (Ty Simpkins) falls into a coma and his body starts to attract malevolent forces from a mysterious netherworld. But when the family decides to move again, hoping to leave the evil spirits behind, they realize that their problems are just beginning. James Wan (Saw) directs.

Rating: 5 out of 10

The first hour of this movie was outstanding. One of the best horror films to come out in years. It had me jumping and nervous, and was a great date night movie that was intriguing, smart, well-paced with great performances and sharp direction.

The last act of the movie, however, took a huge nosedive. We are given the impression that a demon is after a little boy’s soul. We get narrow glimpses of him throughout the movie but never see him. It’s the Alfred Hitchcock theory that what the audience doesn’t see is what scares them the most. And it’s true.

In the last act, however, we get so much over-the-top demon, it just gets downright silly. It really stopped my viewing pleasure and made the whole thing seem silly. The ending is strong, and has a nice twist, but I was disinterested by the time it got there. It’s a shame, because this movie was so close to being amazing. Hard to say it’s anything better than average, though.

5 responses to “Insidious

  1. Well that’s a shame – it sounded so promising as well.

  2. Victor De Leon

    LOVE this movie. A refreshing departure from the norm. Sorry to hear you didn’t care for it much.

    • Take out the demon, and I’d easily give it a 10. It went from amazing to silly, campy. I think if they literally kept it the same, but you never saw the demon — maybe just hoof marks pounding the ground behind him — it would have been much better and scary. In the end, couldn’t say it was more than average. Didn’t hate it, because so much of it was outstanding, just disappointed in a cheese-tastic demon.

  3. Victor De Leon

    Ah, I see, Senor Volke. It’s weird though when you have seen as many horror films as I have the second half is still as refreshing as the first. But I totally get your point.

    • It wasn’t about it being cliche. It was just silly, to me. I was much more scared by only seeing glimpses of the demon. Once I saw his big tail, hooved feet, and Darth Maul face, I wasn’t scared anymore. Sabrina, oddly, feels exactly like I do about the entire movie, but she says I should have given it a 7. The first three quarters, like I said, are awesome, and the ending has a nice twist.

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