Dark Knight Trailer #3 Released


The Dark Knight Rises, coming July 20, is the final and much anticipated conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s brilliant vision of Batman. The latest trailer looks very promising, leaving much to be the imagination while whetting our appetites for what promises to be an incredible closing chapter in the Nolan series. Enjoy.


9 responses to “Dark Knight Trailer #3 Released

  1. Saw it this morning. Looks amazing! Trying not to speculate too much, but it’s not easy!

  2. Looks great! I’m wondering if it will out gross the Dark Knight? Seems as though movie-going is again on a downward trend. I will be heading to the theatre for this one!

  3. Matt Zurcher

    There are a number of very energetic and curious events in this trailer. I’m absolutely biased, however, as the movie was mostly filmed here in Pittsburgh (where I attend school) and seeing the Veteran’s Bridge crumble as a bunch of fascinated children look on calls for some kind of extraordinarily visceral reaction. No one who has ever crossed those bridges forgets the possibility of just falling into the river. It works. It’s clever. I witnessed a number of other scenes being filmed (the football stadium and outside of a building sporting classical architecture) and Nolan clearly has a very specific about making this installment into the most heavy and nihilistic super-hero film we’ve had.

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  5. Matty — Tony D here….I see you’re not on FB — need an e-mail address for ya — I think you got mine. Got a poem for you to read and need some input.

  6. I desperately want to watch this, but for some idiotic reason I REALLY want to see as little as possible going into the movie in July.

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