The Love Letter

Helen runs, miles a day, to burn off energy: she’s an emotional celibate. Going through the post at her shop, she finds a romantic and poetic letter between the couch cushions, unsigned, and thinks it’s for her. It melts her resistance to feelings, and soon she undertakes an affair with Johnny, a collegiate employee. In the background is Helen’s long-time friend, George, who loves her.

Rating: 4 out of 10

This is the kind of movie I get roped into watching while my wife is sick. She’s sitting there on the couch with a red nose, all stuffed up, sipping Thera-Flu and coughing. How can I tell her “Hell no!” when she wants to watch a sap-fest like “The Love Letter.”

So I made it through every minute of this flick, and while there are some genuinely interesting moments and performances, the film lays flat and lifeless. It’s actually funny, because every time my wife and I go to see a chick flick, I end up liking it more. But in this case, it’s a turd.

It’s pretty predictable. A chilly bookstore owner has a guy that’s been pining for her for years. A college boy comes to work at her store, they have a torrid love affair, guy whose been pining for her gets hurt, college boy goes back to school with broken heart. Chilly book store owner learns her lesson to open her heart, but is still alone. It’s so very French-film, they even make a joke about it in the movie. You could do a lot better than this flick, but I will say Kate Capshaw is good in this film. If you watch the trailer below, you pretty much watched the movie, although it’s much more dramatic than it lets on.

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