Puss in Boots

Voiced by Antonio Banderas, the dauntless feline of legend goes on an animated adventure to purloin a priceless golden-egg-laying goose. To help him on his mission, Puss brings along his friends Humpty Dumpty and the super-stealthy Kitty Softpaws.

Rating: 9 out of 10

This is by far smarter, funnier, more clever, witty, and fun than any of the Shrek films. Each of its unneeded sequels got dumber and dumber, which is why I ignored this spin-off completely. That was a huge mistake.

There were moments where I genuinely laughed out out loud. I delighted in the equisite detail of the animation and the backgrounds that drip with color in a Spanish-inspired fairy tale world. And I adored the theft of classic cowboy and Spanish films that no doubt inspired director Chris Miller (Shrek the Third). There is so much love poured into this film, and it’s obvious in all the detail that layers this movie over and over again.

And the performances are great, from the self-afacing Antonio Benderas, who is lampooning himself in the title role, to Salma Hayek, Zach Galifanakis and Billy Bob Thornton. It’s an awesome cast with a compelling storyline wrapped in a wonderfully crafted film. It’s one of the best animated films I’ve seen in years.

6 responses to “Puss in Boots

  1. Cool review, and I really liked this too. Perhaps not 9/10 liked, but definitely preferred it to the Shrek films like you. I thought the way they toyed with genre conventions and made references to other films & fairy tales without being really derivative made this a whole lot of fun.

  2. For me, Puss in Boots stole the show as an amazing secondary character in Shrek, and he clearly deserved his own movie. I liked this golden eggs and Humpty Dumpty story, it was unexpected, at least for me. He was also a very interesting character. It’s great just to think about it!! Even though I saw the movie in english the first time and made me laugh out loud (a lot), I prefer the spanish version, because of the natural language and dialogs. Either way, Antonio Banderas was able to bring to life this sweet yet brave and sassy kitten to life in both languages, keeping the personality. I must say: they used normal cat behaviors in a very accurate way in this movie. It is definitley worth watching!

  3. Gotta check this one out. Thanks.


  4. Ciao! Vorrei solo dire un grazie enorme per le informazioni che avete condiviso in questo blog! Di sicur diverr un vostro fa accanito!

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