Top 5 Bond Films of All Time


Wth the release of the much-anticipated “Sky Fall” this weekend, we thought it would be the perfect time to break down our list of the Top 5 Bond movies of all time. It wasn’t easy, with so many styles, actors and quoteable lines that stretch generations… but here goes.

5.  License to Kill
Timothy Dalton only acted in two Bond films, but this was certainly his best effort.  This was the polar opposite of the quirky Roger Moore films like “Moonraker” and “A View To a Kill.” This rings truer to the spirit of the Ian Fleming novels.
4.  Goldeneye:
The first and strongest film featuring Pierce Brosnan in the title role.  The climatic ending with baddie Sean Bean 500 feet up in the air is fantastic and the one liners throughout are great.  One of the most fun entries in the series.
3.  For Your Eyes Only:
In my opinion, this is by far the best of the Roger Moore James Bond films.  All of the action throughout is excellent and the plot has some actual teeth to it as the cold war action permeates throughout leading to a cliffhanger at a mountaintop monastery.
2.  Goldfinger:
My favorite entry starring Sean Connery.  It contains the most iconic villain in the history of the 50 year series and was the first to tighten up the action scenes after the first two films, Dr. No and From Russia With Love, contained far more dialogue and superfluous scenes.  It turned Sean Connery into a household name and set the entire series up for its long and storied run.
1.  Casino Royale:
The quintessential Bond film in every way.  It has a terrific plot, fantastic supporting characters, non-stop action, and the best actor to ever play the iconic lead character.  It also has something that almost all of the Bonds film don’t…a heart.  the chemistry between Eva Green and Daniel Craig is palpable and there are emotional consequences for violent actions.  I never thought I’d see either in a Bond film and for it to work so well.

7 responses to “Top 5 Bond Films of All Time

  1. Each one of these films represents a completely accurate highlight among all of the Bond films. I love these 5 Bond movies to no end and they are the titles that I watch most frequently. Great job, Brian. 😀

  2. The only titles that truly have any business making the short list are Goldfinger, For Your Eyes Only, The Spy Who Loved Me, On Her Magesty’s Secret Service, and Craig’s debut, Casino Royale. From Russia With Love and Never Say Never Again are worthy mentions. Dalton was a notch above Brosnan and License to Kill was an improvement over Daylights, but they all fell short until Craig’s bow.

  3. No credibility with me though mate. I hated the Dalton bond films. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service should be on this list. The Spy Who Loved Me should be on this list. And you have Goldfinger and Goldeneye. I think my #5 would either be Skyfall or Casino Royale. Of course there are lots of other great ones: Live and Let Die, Diamonds are Forever, and From Russia with Love just to name some honorable mentions.

  4. Gold Finger will always be my favourite 😀

  5. Best-5 Bond films according to me are 1-For your eyes only, 2- Moonraker
    3-Goldeneye, 4-From Russia with Love 5-License to kill.
    Daniel is not suave and polished as his predecessors like Sean Connery,
    Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan…

  6. Goldfinger is great, and I love the opening sequence there.

  7. And here I thought I was alone on my viewpoint of Daniel Craig being the best Bond ever!

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