Two girls left to fend for themselves in the forest for five lonely years after the death of their mother find refuge in the home of their uncle. But it soon becomes clear that the girls have not arrived alone in this woodsy supernatural chiller.

Rating: 6 out of 10

I really liked the premise of Mama. It sets up extremely well. The opening scenes are the tragic end of a family and how two little girls survive with the help of a paranormal mother figure.

The film is shot very well by director Andres Muschietti. There are a number of chilling scenes. In one, a character is in a dark room, pitch black, with nothing but a camera. He uses it for light, flashing shots to illuminate his surroundings. You’re forced to sit there, waiting for worst of things to happen. I also like that Mama never pulls back. The film takes some dark routes, which left some people I watched the movie with upset. There’s no happy ending.

Mama does, however, drag. But the moments of intense frights, combined with excellent performances by the two children and Academy Award-winning Jessica Chastain, hold the movie together well. Not the best thriller I’ve ever seen, but certainly entertaining and worth a watch.

9 responses to “Mama

  1. Pretty much my thoughts exactly on this. Just very poorly executed with a not very scary bad guy!

  2. Victor De Leon

    Good review, Matt. I enjoyed it a tad more than you did but not by much. I did like the unconventional ending and Chastain was great to watch as the reluctant parent here. It was indeed a good looking production and was photographed impeccably. I agree with you about Mama never holding back. It’s one of the things I liked about it. Good job, man.

  3. Nice review! Shame you didn’t think much of this one – i’ll probably give it a miss then -no fun watching horror that isn’t scary!

  4. Great review. I still haven’t checked out Mama, but will definitely see it. Cool site by the way, I am now following. If you get a chance stop by my site. I just started recently and would love some viewers and input.

    • Thanks much for following us! Follow us on Twitter, too! My suggestion is to keep it simple. Don’t go overboard with text, and make sure your images are clean. Your voice in writing is your own, and you should always be true to yourself. Make sure you tag your posts with lots of relivant tags and just keep posting. Good luck!

  5. Thanks for the input, and I’ll definitely check out your twitter. Following your blog was no problem, cinema enthusiasts stick together lol. Hopefully you’ll check out my blog and like what you’ll see. Invitation is open to anyone.

  6. Yeah, you pretty much hit it right on the head for me. Me and my girlfriend were excited about this last year but as the release date closed in we just lost interest. We finally went to see it after a while and while the premise was interesting (as you said), I just can’t help but feel they fell short. By the time the unconventional ending came, I just really didn’t care much.

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