Brian’s Review – Man Of Steel (2013)

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Man of Steel

Directed by Zack Snyder

4 out of 10

A young itinerant worker is forced to confront his secret extraterrestrial heritage when Earth is invaded by members of his race:

I blame annoying ass comic book fanboys for this film. After the release of Bryan Singer’s 2006 resurrection of the franchise with Superman Returns, fanboys bitched and moaned up and down with quotes like:

“There’s not enough action.”

“Why is the film all about the romantic element?”

“Why isn’t the film darker?”

“Why can’t it be more like Batman?”

Well asshole fanboys, you got what you wanted. And guess what? Your dream version of Superman isn’t very good. It’s not a complete catastrophe but it’s way too long for such a thin story and it literally sucks the joy out of the Superman experience.

The film opens with a long stretch similar to the far superior 1978 version that shows the end of the planet Krypton. What are the differences? Instead of showing an imaginative ice world filled with overly confident scientists whose own arrogance proves to be the destruction of their planet, we get a rock world filled with too much CGI and fisticuffs between Superman’s Dad and Zod. Despite the obvious advances in special effects, it doesn’t draw the viewer in. It’s cold and boring. The unfortunate part of that is that it permeates through the entire 2 1/2 hour running time.

After the obvious jettison of baby Superman to Earth in his ship that is curiously shaped like a penis, baby Supes goes through growing up bullied, alienated, and rejected. Does he discover new powers? Does he realize he’s capable of abilities that make him God-like? No! He mopes, he whines about how he’s different, and he makes himself the victim all the time. It’s again a far cry from the 1978 version that showed a young Clark Kent laughing and smiling while out running a train. Also, unlike the original film, this version does everything in flashback. Clark is roaming place to place in search of where he comes from and once in a while, he finds people to save. There’s no characters even brought into the experience that we relate to.

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I’ll run down the list of things this films gets wrong:

1. It’s not fun. Superman hates being Superman almost the entire film.

2. Lois feels crowbarred into the story. She’s in it a lot and you’ll scratch your head as to how she got there in the first place.

3. Clark doesn’t work at the Daily Planet. He’s a fisherman or something else for almost the whole film.

4. There’s no chemistry between Superman and Lois. This was the entire backbone of the original film.

5. Zod is terribly boring. He’s single-minded and 2 dimensional.

6. Perry White is in the film but doesn’t have any bearing on the story.

7. Kevin Costner dies trying to save a dog. Yes, a dog…. Remember the original Johnathon Kent. He had a heart attack and Clark couldn’t save him? It added extra meaning because it reminded him that as powerful as was, he couldn’t save everyone. It was poignant. This is not.

8. Action scenes go on and on without purpose, or suspense, or involvement from the viewer.

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What did I like? Henry Cavill could be a terrific Superman in a better film. There’s a few decent moments between Clark and his adopted parents. The problem is that these scenes are few and far between because we keep getting thrown into action scenes that aren’t interesting. It’s a city under destruction that was done better in the Avengers. That films had character development within the action. This does not.

I have always been a fan of the Superman character. He is a representation of the American myth that we are all capable of amazing things. We may not fly, or have super strength, or X-ray vision. But, he represented the inner good and possibility o the human spirit to help his fellow man without the need for reward. It was a character and story-line that was fun, romantic, and made you believe a man could fly. The “Man of Steel” felt like he never left the ground.

4 responses to “Brian’s Review – Man Of Steel (2013)

  1. Wow, a little harsh, don’t you think? If you could look at my review of this movie and tell me what you think, I’d appreciate it. I didn’t think it was that bad. It wasn’t fantastic, but 4 out of 10 seems awfully harsh.

    • Victor De Leon

      I can comfortably vouch that Brian never lacks the courage of his convictions. If he hated it, then he HATED it. 🙂 He is no stranger to going against the grain with popular blockbusters. Oh and your review for MOS was a fun read, Tim, good job!

      • Thanks for reading. I don’t know why he hated it so much. The character development/chemistry was iffy sometimes, but still was a great improvement from the past movies. It sounded like he wanted an exact remake from the past movies. He should have known that wasn’t going to be what the movie was.

  2. Thank you very much for reading. I did not want a remake of the original. The main elements that work within a Superman film all work off the few strengths of the character: love, goodwill for mankind, courage in the face of danger, and family relationships and legacy. While it can be difficult to work within those thin parameters from a writing perspective, the last thing you want to do is work against it. Superman is a beloved charcter because he’s a true hero, not an anti-hero. While the flavor of the moment is darker and edgier comic book films because of the success of Dark Knight, you cannot fit a square peg into a round hole. Donner’s vision got it just right. It was heroic but not cheesy, romantic and not forced, and fun without trying too hard. The story can move within those restrictions as long as you stay true to the character. Don’t have him become an emo kid just because he’s different. Superman loves being Superman despite his problems and will eventually conquer his foes because he knows to do the right thing. Snyder’s eye candy version isn’t true to what Superman is all about. Cavill gave it a sense of warmth but Snyder took away its heart.

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