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Darren Aronofsky rumored as director of next Superman


Darren Aronofsky has been tied to a remake of “Robocop,” the cult sci-fi movie of the 80s, but today news hit that the celebrated director is attached to a reboot of the Superman film franchise, according to the L.A. Times.

I’ve got a lot of faith in this film because Christopher Nolan, who directed Inception and Memento, is producing and will have his hand in writing the script. Before Superman, Nolan also resurrected the Batman franchise with “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight,” which was one of our favorite films of the decade.

There have been a few directors rumored to take the chair. Most recently Ben Affleck, who directed the recent hit “The Town,” was tabbed but Reuters is reporting he’s backed out of the project. I think Aronosfki would be a better choice than Affleck, who has only directed two films. Granted “The Town” and “Gone Baby Gone” were both excellent, but Affleck’s only comic book film was “Daredevil,” a complete and total failure.

Aronofski has some serious directing chops. Movies like “The Fountain” Requiem For a Dream” and “The Wrestler,” which is one of my favorite films ever. He also won best director at Sundance Film Festival for “Pi” and the grand jury prize for best picture. His latest film, “Black Swan,” is already getting critical acclaim.

I’m pretty stoked about a reboot, not just because Nolan is attached, but because I was a little disappointed by the last one, 2006’s “Superman Returns,” directed by Bryan Singer. It’s not that it was bad, it was fun and enjoyable. But it was like a cover song. You can try and make it as close to the original as possible, but it’s never as good as the original. I think Nolan and Aronofsky could take Superman to new places.

The Town

As FBI agent Adam (Jon Hamm) hunts for them all around Charlestown, Mass., highly skilled bank robbers Doug (Ben Affleck) and Jim (Jeremy Renner) plan their next hit. Meanwhile, Doug falls for do-gooder Claire (Rebecca Hall), who is unaware that Doug took her hostage during his last heist. Affleck directed and co-wrote this intricate action/drama that co-stars Blake Lively as Krista, Jim’s sister and Doug’s troubled former flame.

Rating: 8 out of 10

After “Mallrats” and “Chasing Amy,” I thought Ben Affleck was the future of Hollywood. Then he and Matt Damon won an Oscar for “Good Will Hunting” and I couldn’t wait to see what was in store. But then he came out with a string of awful movies, like “Daredevil,” “Armageddon” “Gigli” “Paycheck” “Jersey Girl” “Reindeer Games” and possibly the worst movie ever, the Michael Bay disaster “Pearl Harbor.” But Affleck has redeemed himself and his career in recent years with “Gone Baby Gone,” “Hollywoodland,” “State of Play,” a funny supporting role in “Extract, and now this Oscar-worthy film.

Affleck is finding himself as a director. “Gone Baby Gone” is one of the better films in the past few years, and “The Town” stands up to it. There is an intriguing love story between Doug and Claire that is intertwined with the FBI investigation. Jeremy Renner has a strong performance as James, the thug friend of Doug who is out of control and reckless. Blake Lively has the best performance of the film as Doug’s trashy, junky sister. I think she could easily be nominated for a best supporting actress Oscar.

The town has a nice mixture of bank heist action, suspense, conflicted love and friendships, criminal mystery and personal drama. It’s a dynamic film that has a lot going on. It gets lost at times because of the amount of characters and plot that need developing, and it slows down at times because of it and some aspects aren’t developed in great detail, but this film is definitely worth seeing in the theaters. Don’t be surprised if it gets a handful of Oscars nominations.