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‘Poo poo, pee pee,’ and other unintelligent things my brother says that, apparently, our readers want

Brian on the playground with his pals.

This column is in response to Brian’s complaint that Matt is censoring him. Editor’s note: graphic content


I felt like I was on another planet when I was having a conversation with my big brother where he was arguing the merits of using the term “butt fuck.”

Normally foul language doesn’t offend me. I’m not a big curse-word user when I speak or write, but I’m not a church mouse by any stretch of the imagination. I do swear, just like most people. But there’s a difference between swearing with purpose and using as a hateful language or swearing as an adjective because you lack the vocabulary to express yourself in more clever ways.

When Brian was reviewing “Prince of Persia,” he referred to Jake Gyllenhall as the guy who got “butt fucked in Brokeback Mountain.” Now, this was used in a completely homophobic and demeaning way, in my opinion. He was putting Gyllenhall down for playing the role of a gay man and for doing a same-sex love scene in a film. To me, if I were reading this blog for the first time — as you may be doing now — you’d likely look at us as a couple of immature schmucks who are just another in a long line of jerks who pile on the mound of crappy blogs that are filling the internet. I like to think we’re a little better, a little smarter, and can be more clever than the average moron who takes up cyberspace with awful, immature blogs. The phrase about Gyllenhall was changed to “the catcher in Brokeback Mountain,” which was a little less offensive, but only by the slimmest of margins. I felt it was at least a little more clever.

I’d also like to think that as a man well into his thirties, a father, with an established career as a director, he’d want  smarter ways of being funny than saying, “fag” “shit” and “fuck” — all words I’ve repeatedly removed from his reviews. But, you guys have been voting in overwhelming favor that you prefer Brian swearing and using phrases like “butt fuck.” That seems hard to believe. Almost as hard to believe that I’m writing a column about it.

Enjoy some swearing (in a clever way):

My brother the censure; Or, Why I love to swear

Editor’s note: This column contains explicit language

My brother Matt: A caring and sensitive censor or East German Commie? You decide.

I have a penchant for using the word fuck far more than I should. It’s hard for me to stop because I feel it’s truly the most flexible word in the English language. It can hit you like a sledgehammer: “FUCK YOU!!” It can be used in a whisper: “Fuuuuuuck.” It can be used to describe something great: “That’s FUCKING awesome!” It can even be used to eulogize someone: “That guy was fucking great.”

Now, you should know my brother is the editor-in-chief of The Movie Brothers as well as the main content provider. I give him all the credit in the world because generally all I do is write but he not only does that, he also finds all those awesome youtube links for trailers and vids, makes those nice layouts, created a facebook and Twitter page, and finds links to other blog rolls to increase viewership. He really is the main brain behind all of this. I’ll also throw in that he’s a hell of a writer and my best friend. There, that love fest is over. Now, let’s get down to business.

I use, and might overuse according to Matt, curse words throughout my reviews as well as colorful sexual phrases. For example, when telling all of you not to see “Prince of Persia,” I referred to Jake Gyllenhall as the guy who got “buttfucked in Brokeback Mountain.” Now, I am by no means homophobic. I work in the entertainment business. But, I do think the word buttfucker is funny in the most sophomoric way. Matt deemed it too offensive for all of your sensitive eyes and used the word “catcher in Brokeback Mountain.” You’d laugh your ass off if you could hear the phone conversation between us while I described the merits of using the word buttfucker. There are many such instances where Matt dulls down my colorful verbage and vocabulary and I’ve always wondered what the readers thought.

Now, I of course respect all your opinions. Would you choose to read my uncensored reviews and write-ups or would you rather have it edited to sensitize the material?