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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

the-hobbitBeloved hobbit Bilbo Baggins is back in a visually spectacular tale inspired by The Lord of the Rings and likewise directed by Peter Jackson. Joining the effort to free the Kingdom of Erebor, Bilbo also faces a fateful encounter with Gollum.

Rating: 5 out of 10

This movie should have been called The Hobbit: An Expected Mediocraty.

I am a sucker. At least that’s how I felt in the line at the movies. I just ordered my popcorn and the girl at the counter asked what I was seeing. “Ohhh. You know they turned that into three movies, right?”

I felt like Peter Jackson just pickpocketed me. This is a charming book. It was one of my favorites as a boy. But it’s all of 200 pages. How could they possibly turn this into three movies? Well, by stretching out every possible detail and scene. It was worth seeing in the theater, if it’s worth seein at all, because of it’s gorgeous details, effects and scenery. Peter Jackson makes a beautiful movie to look at. But just like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it’s tormented by corny¬†dialogue¬†and wooden acting.

I guess if you’re going to make an epic three-part series of this film, this is the proper first installment, but I walked away feeling like it was hollow and over done. I also feel like I am forced to see the other two. Damn you, Peter Jackson.