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Iron Man 3 Trailer

Here it is, the first full-length trailer of Iron Man 3! I have to say, it automatically has a much darker feel than the other two films — which I’m a huge fan of. This one plays off of last summer’s smash blockbuster, “Avengers,” which  was very fun. At the end of that film, Iron Man goes through a hole to another world. In this, we see that’s it has changed him. And, of course, this is the first appearance of his great comic book enemy, The Mandarin, played by Academy Award-winner Ben Kingsley. This film has massive promise.

Latest Green Lantern Footage Released


Hot damn, that was very surprising. I think the CGI used in this film perfectly utilizes its technology in a superhero setting. I’m not particularly knowledgeable on Green Lantern, but essentially the guy can create and do anything out of nowhere with this ring. There are a few shots of Hal Jordan using this ring… and it’s pretty awesome. The world that Hal travels to after he obtains the ring looks absolutely beautiful, much more of an appealing setting than “Avatar” but that’s just me.

I was very hesitant on Ryan Reynolds simply because I’m sick of his sarcasm masked with handsome-type charm he weaves in almost of all his rolls. “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder” and “Waiting…” were the only ones I found him entertaining in. Peter Sarsgaard looks pretty good as Hector Hammond, whom I know nothing about other than this guy clearly loses his mind.

The Green Lantern oath that Hal vows is a bit cheesy but I love it. It’s that cheesiness in comic books that I love. Satisfies the inner 8 year old. Unless this is this footage is the best four minutes of the film, I have hopes for this. Again, like “Captain America,” it’ll make the blockbuster bucks whether it’s good, bad or so-so.

Red Riding Hood trailer


This is courtesy of the director that brought us “Twilight” and “Eclipse.” I just saw the trailer earlier today and I am not looking forward to the teen hype that is going to ensue. I literally have a headache. Can’t wait to walk past Hot Topic and see the merchandise for this movie when I go Christmas shopping!

Red Riding Hood stars Amanda Seyfried as Red Riding Hood…blah blah blah… medieval teenager with gelled hair… blah blah blah… sexual tension… blah blah blah… lovers can’t be with each other. These all sound too familiar. Oh wait! That’s because I saw all of that in Twilight! After watching the rest of the trailer, I’ve concluded that this is pretty much a combination of “The Wolfman” and “Twilight.” Hopefully Brothers Grimm: Snow White will be nothing like this.

Green Lantern trailer released

For those of you who haven’t read Green Lantern comic books, he’s essentially this hot shot fighter pilot who meets a dieing alien who gives him this magic, green ring that basically gives him an incredible amount of super powers. We’ve heard equally strange story lines from comic books, right?

That’s Green Lantern boiled to his simplest form. For those who have read the book, you already know it’s a vastly epic, super sci-fi nerd fest — even for comic book lovers — that spans numerous alien words. The Green Lanterns are the defenders of the galaxy, and the galaxy is really freakin’ big. I have said from day one that this will be very hard to pull off, but it looks pretty decent so far. This is the first trailer for the flick, and it’s got plenty of footage to give a real taste of the film, which is due out next summer. Enjoy!