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Tron: Legacy

While investigating the mysterious disappearance of his father, Kevin (Jeff Bridges), techie Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) lands in a beguiling computerized world of enslaved gladiators, where his dad has been living for more than 20 years. Joined by Kevin’s trusted friend (Olivia Wilde), the father and son must journey across a breathtaking — and perilous — cyberscape in this 21st-century update to the beloved 1982 sci-fi classic.

8 out of 10

Did I get a nerd boner? Of course I did. There was Jeff Bridges, computers, computer babes and Daft Punk. C’mon now!

I hate to admit this to you TMB fans, but this was the first film I saw in IMAX. I’m kind of a cheap bastard and try to not spend as much when I go to the movies. Anyway, now that my IMAX cherry is popped, I’m glad I lost it to “Tron: Legacy.” It was very much worth it. The graphics were absolutely amazing. The Grid city, light cycle chases, young Jeff Bridges, you name it and it was great.

I do want to point out that you do not need to see the original “Tron” to understand what is going on. There really isn’t much you need to know anyway. The beginning adequately explains what’s going on. Plus, the plot is no way hard to understand. The only little bugaboo I had was seeing the Programs (people in the computer) eat and drink. Seeing the Programs in a club dancing to techno is as far my imagination, in a film like this, will go; the eating and drinking was unnecessary.

Cowboys and Aliens trailer


Here’s the first peak at “Cowboys and Aliens,” Scott Mitchell Rosenberg’s graphic novel series that is making its way to the big screen next summer through the lens of director Jon Favreau. The story features amnesiac gunslinger Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig), who stumbles into the Wild West town of Absolution where he’s confronted by potent enemy Col. Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford) and a terrifying problem: invading aliens. Aided by the lovely Ella (Olivia Wilde), Jake rallies a posse of the townspeople, Dolarhyde’s minions and local Apache warriors to fight off the extraterrestrial threat. It’s a story of enemies coming together to fight a common enemy.

Favreau has more than proven himself as a director of action-based comic book movies with “Iron Man” and “Iron Man 2.”   Heck, I even like “Elf.” As he did with the Iron Man series, Favreau has another stellar cast with Craig, Ford, Wild, and Keith Carradine, who was great in TV’s “Dexter” and the film “Peacock.” Carradine plays the town sheriff in this picture.  

We’ve had a string of crummy, forgettable summer action movies — from “The Expendables” to “ The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time” “Clash of the Titans” the Transformers films, and the list goes on. Favreau hasn’t steered us wrong yet with an action movie, so I have faith this is going to be one of the best popcorn movies to see next summer.