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“Man of Steel” Teaser Trailer with Russell Crowe VO

The Smurfs Movie teaser trailer: What the smurf?!


As if the concept of a Smurfs live-action/animated movie wasn’t exhausting enough, the trailer released today makes me want to put my face in a food processor.

I have to admit, there was a tiny part of me hoping this movie would be a smart, witty satire that adults would enjoy more than kids, like “Wall-E,” “Up” or “Toy Story.” I wasn’t expecting a deep, enchanting tale like “Spirited Away,” but at least for something really funny. That sliver of hope is gone after watching this trailer. I think it’s the hip-hop Tone Lok”Wild Thing” adapted to the Smurfs “La la” song that tipped me over the edge.

The trailer below gives us a glimpse into what I’m sure will be a brain-dead, rehashed television show adapted to film with plenty of name recognition and very little substance. This trailers smurfs.