Top 10 slasher movies of all time


Oh how we love seeing the sexually active camp counselors getting slashed in their tent, the shaky-handed sidekick who enters a dark room they have no business going in, or a slasher raise from the dead for the 20th time. This is a fun list to do because my brother and I have always been huge fans of slasher films.  Once we were old enough, we would convince our Mom to sign us in at the R-rated screenings so we could see the newest sequels and greatest horror flicks.  I’d love to see Matt’s list too but here’s mine:

10. Child’s Play: This was an enormous hit in its day and was a huge success because of the fabulous special effects that truly made Chucky the killer doll come to life and that chilling voice provided by Brad Dourif.  This series, like many others, got worse and worse with each sequel but the original is a great ride.

9. Friday the 13th part 2: I know what you’re thinking.  What about part 1?  Well, I’ve always been a bigger fan of Jason’s first appearance wearing that spooky looking hood like he’s on his way to be hanged.  This one has some terrific suspense and the final chase and confrontation are terrific.  It’s also extremely dark and atmospheric as you feel the isolation of the woods.

8. When a Stranger Calls (1979): Why haven’t you checked the children?  That line will never make you feel the same again.  The first 30 minutes of this film are absolutely brilliant.  In fact, it would be considered one of the great short films in history that Edgar Allen Poe would be proud to call his own.  The last hour doesn’t hold up as well but it’s still worthy of top 10 status.

7. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984): The original film made my brother terrified of taking baths for about 6 months.  And, boy, did he smell like shit.  It brought us one of the greatest horror icons ever in Freddy Krueger.  And, like Friday the 13th, it’s easy to forget how effective the original was in its day.

6. Black Christmas (1974): This is the granddaddy of all slasher films and creates a wonderful sense of suspense.  It also was the precursor to all of the holiday based slasher films to follow but few have ever been as effective.  It’s also on watch it now from Netflix.

5. Hellraiser: I love Clive Barker.  The guy just comes up with the most twisted ideas with weird moral arguments.  Hellraiser isn’t your typical slasher film because it has a lot of supernatural and demonic elements but once Pinhead shows up, all gory hell breaks loose.

4. The Fog (1980): A cross between a slasher film and a ghost story,  the Fog was John Carpenter’s first film after Halloween and an extremely underrated horror classic.  His camera work, music, and actors all come together to tell a truly horrifying tale of people trapped on an island when that fog comes rolling in with bloody results.

3. Halloween II (1981): My favorite horror sequel of all time picks up right where the first one left off creating one long night of terror for Laurie Strode.  The blood and gore are definitely higher this time around but the mood and suspense never left.  The hospital is lit perfectly by Director of Photography Dean Cundey who makes great use of the locale as the story shift to Haddonfield Hospital.  The last 30 minutes will leave you breathless.

2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974): Tobe Hooper’s bloody and brilliant low budget masterpiece is newly restored on Blu-ray and I highly recommend renting it if you’ve never seen it.  It starts slow but once Leatherface and his demented family start the carnage, this thrill ride never takes its foot off the gas.

1. Halloween (1978): What more can I say about this masterpiece that hasn’t already been said?  It contains the most atmospheric horror imagery ever committed to film and single handedly made Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers a household name.  It’s in my top 10 films of all time regardless of genre and here, I consider it the finest horror or slasher film ever made.

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  1. all of these are great movies!
    for sure.
    but i must agree.. childs play is the best one out of that collection.

  2. How come none of the Scream movies are on the list? What # would the scream movies be if the list was bigger?

  3. Awesome list. Halloween is my favorite horro/slasher film as well.

  4. Great list! Now I am in the mood for a good slasher movie…just gotta convince my girlfriend 🙂

  5. Thumbs up on the list — more’s the pity, kids these days don’t seem to understand that horror flicks are supposed to be fun.

  6. ahhh… this makes me want to change my netflix queue back to my october rotation! zombies and slasher films. I haven’t seen Black Christmas… but will soon. Great post. And congrats on Freshly pressed!

  7. thesarahdactyl

    I’ve always wanted to see When a Stranger Calls. I do like horror films. One part of Texas Chainsaw Massacre that I never understood, probably because I didn’t pay enough attention, was that thing sitting at the end of the table. I dunno what it does. I think it drinks blood. Clarify? There’s part of it near the end of the video you included.

  8. Oh well I’m going to watch the fog and the original When A Stranger Calls. I didn’t like the remake that much

  9. That was a great list. This was not a slasher film, but the chinese food scene fromteh original Alien should get an honorable mention.

  10. Child’s play’s success truly amazes me. I mean you would think scary dolls would be cheesy but really, the effects blew everyone off. The latest Nightmare on Elm Street sucked though.

  11. what about Scream? it revamped the slasher genre…

  12. So glad to see ‘When a Stranger Calls’ on your list. You are so right, the first part of that movie is so very creepy.

  13. When I was a wee youngin’ my mother felt it was finally ok to leave my older brother and myself with a sitter. Our sitter arrive, and she left for her date. Little to her surprise he took her to see When a Stranger Calls. Apparently, she couldn’t handle it. She freaked out and left about 3/4 of the way through the movie. She couldn’t believe she had left her two toddlers with a sitter. She rushed home, and to this day 31 years later, she hasn’t seen the movie. She refuses to.

  14. I’m always in constant search for some vintage horror movies and it’s wonderful you’ve come up with these titles. I’m starting to lose interest with most of the contemporary horror/suspense flicks and had always love the idea of watching the original pieces. It just gives me the scare that I need and never had for such a long time.

  15. lilyyyyxcupcake

    props for putting hellraiser on yer list. ❤ one of the greatest films to scare me. movies anymore aren't really scary. but even at 17 long after this movie made its debut. its (now) cheesy effects still give me chills. 5 stars for pin head ❤
    and 10 stars for this blog.

  16. Excellent! I was pleasantly surprised at how many of my favorites landed on this list, including the oft-forgotten “Black Christmas.” “Halloween” will always be my favorite. Another fairly good movie is “The Legend of Boggy Creek.” Despite the cheesy songs throughout the movie, the scenes which document encounters with Bigfoot are a bit frightening.

  17. How about these movies :

    1. Bad Taste
    2. Hostel 1
    3. Urban Legend
    4. The Funhouse
    5. Silent Night, Deadly Night
    6. Just Before Dawn (1981)
    7. The House on Sorority Row

    You have got a impressive list there. great work, got to catch up on some of these movies.

  18. middleagedcrazywoman

    Wow… I find myself astonished to find someone that almost agrees with my top 10 horror movies! Cool! I have never seen Texas Chainsaw but I am told it’s good.

    I loved Halloween and it’s sequel (I don’t admit to #3 existing like Highlander #2) I have had the misfortune to sit through it’s remix last year and didn’t like it as much because I found when they took away the fact that he was just a little kid who went insane and gave him a reason for going crazy (and therefore upping the gore rate) I didn’t find it as scary… just gory.

    Tell me – is the original The Fog good? I watched The Fog (remake 2005) and The Mist ( 2007) but haven’t seen the original.


    • The originals are always better. Notice we put the dates by these? I’ve never seen a horror remake that was better.

      • John Carpenter’s The Thing is better than the original because he went back to the source material called “Who goes there?” which was more about paranoia than science fiction.

  19. Gustavo H. Razera

    SCREAM oughta have been there, IMO.

    • Scream would have been #11. The only reason it didn’t was because it was almost a parody than a true slasher film but I still love it.

  20. Great list. 1, 7, 8 my faves.

  21. great list! it goes to show that after the 90s, horror movies were never as good as those classics!

  22. Mahfooz Hasan

    Nightmare on Elm Street was one of the first proper scary movies I watched. I remember watching it when I was 12 years old, 12am at my cousins house and at times was peeping through my fingers lol

  23. so long as everyone is going to mention scream, i’ll say back up a bit and add student bodies. a slasher parody is still a slasher movie, no?

  24. Great list. All the remakes of these films are terrible.
    Hollywood is obviously running out of great thriller/slasher ideas.

    Check out my reviews. I would love to get your feedback

  25. halloween movie is one of the favorites among the best films source

  26. I like most of your choices, but I think I’d have to bump BLACK CHRISTMAS and THE FOG for SCREAM and CANDY MAN.

    • Candy Man is a good one! Nice call. Scream would be on my list, for sure, instead of Black Christmas, but this is Brian’s list. Also, Wolf Creek would be on there, too.

  27. Ah! Nice to see a shout out to The Fog. 🙂

    I’m more into the unintentionally funny horror film myself, i.e Manos the Hands of Fate. True comedy horror at it’s best! Lake Placid is another good one as well. You can’t beat Betty White. 🙂


  28. I have to rent ‘When A Stranger Calls’ and ‘Black Christmas’. Also, ‘ The Devil’s Rejects’ could have made the list.

  29. I like the Saw movies but I guess they don’t count as slasher, even though they have a lot of blood in them?

  30. Hey, you’re films are all great choices!! Halloween is the grand daddy of all slashers though. My fave film of all time probably! Great stuff

  31. This is a wonderful list of “slasher movies”. I would also recommend adding West Side Story to the list. The knife fight has to be seen to be believed!

    The Codger

  32. Glad you included Hellraiser into the mix.

  33. great
    i agree
    the best top 10 ever

  34. Deina Zartman

    Congrats on the front page feature! 😉
    I was impressed with most of your choices – “Black Christmas” and “When a Stranger Calls” are two faves of mine (although is “When a Stranger Calls” strictly a “slasher” movie?) – and I agree with “Halloween” in the no. 1 position… but, to add my two cents, I’d have to say “Bad Dreams” would have to be on my list (it’s just so bad, it’s fabulous) and “Session 9” is a seriously creepy movie that would also make my top 10.

  35. O! brilliant. What a list! truly awesome movies of their time, of all time too

  36. It’s nice to see someone giving Black Christmas and The Fog some attention. Those are both favorites of mine.

  37. I wish chucky made as many movies as Rocky. Dolls still freak me out.

  38. good list, but i’d have to put nightmare on elm street at the number 1 spot, the mythology of Freddy Krueger is genius.

  39. Just for the record, everyone, I didn’t actually smell from not bathing. I did bathe, I just needed my mom to keep me company when I took a bath. I know, I know, that only sounds worse.

    What do you want? I want 8 years old?

  40. ~~Excellent post; I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! I also agree with most of your choices for the ‘Top 10’, especially #5, #2, #7, #8, #1 & #3. Do you remember the old 80’s horror flicks like “Waxwork” & “Fright Night”? I have always loved those 2 a lot; although, I didn’t notice the comedy in these 2 movies when I watched them as a kid, and of course, now I do.

    Speaking of horror movies, in my humble opinion, most of the new horror movies coming out these days are getting just a bit too gory and…well, just plain out too sick! It’s like they’re all trying to out-do each other in the horror film industry and instead of adding more thought into the storyline, or plot, they just pack on 3 times as many extra pounds of blood, guts, torture & gore than they did the last time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not anti-all the above characteristics I just named in a horror flick; I guess what I’m getting at is….I would like to see more of those films that although scary as hell, still leave you saying, “What the eff just happened”, “Is this the end!?” and the ones where you have to ask your buddy as you walk through the movie theater parking lot to your car, “Wait a minute; I don’t understand; why did ‘x’ do this and why did ‘y’ do that if ‘o’ did this?” In other words, those scary movies that screw with your mind…those movies that you think about for at least a month after viewing them. TIA for your time! & ~God bless!~

    • It’s interesting you say that films are getting too gory because that was a common complaint back in the 80’s as well. Yes, I saw Fright Night and liked it a lot. I never saw Waxwork. If you’re ever strolling for some older flicks that aren’t on my top 10 but are considered horror. Check out:

      1. The Last House on the Left-original
      2. The People under the Stairs
      3. My Bloody Valentine-original
      4. Prom Night- Original

      I’ll do more horror pieces in the future because I’m a big nerd for those flicks. I was a longtime subscriber to Fangoria and have John Carpenter’s autograph on a Halloween DVD in my china cabinet.

  41. Wow I am a huge fan of this list, but its so hard to pick one over the other in most cases. The best ones for me aren’t just the ones that keep me up the night after I watch them, but keep me up SEVERAL nights.

  42. Antonio D'Arcangelis

    Session 9 is one of my favorites, as well. A nearly perfect horror movie, I’d say.

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  44. I am surpise you didn’t put Scream in your list, even I do enjoy Halloween even I do agree with you that Halloween is number 1!!!

  45. Whoa! Congrats on making the WP front page, guys! I for one was effing terrified of Chucky as a kid due to a particularly traumatic experience where I accidentally walked into the last half-hour of Child’s Play where charred and smoking Chucky was chasing after the little kid with a butcher knife in hand. That was a hard one to get over. Need to watch Halloween again myself, but also a big fan of Hellraiser. That Clive Barker is freakin’ bonkers.

  46. What about “Carry”?
    I don’t much go for horror never mind slasher but I did see “Zombieland” recently, it was quite funny.
    Loved the zombie junior bridesmaids.
    Nice post!

  47. The fog was one of my first horror films I ever saw and I’m gonna tell you I didn’t sleep for a whole month because of that movie.

    Even now when I watch it knowing it’s not as scary anymore, I still get a weird chill down my spine

  48. If this movie doesn’t make your skin crawl, it’s on too tight!

  49. I love Clive Barker too. 🙂

  50. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! Great picks on the slasher movies! I love to be scared by them, it’s so much fun!

  51. In general I like scary movies, but the “Slasher” movies are a genre I avoid, and for good reason. Stuff like that actually HAPPENS to people and happened to people I actually knew.

    The first one was a young girl, Sydney Monzon, who worked one summer as a waitress at my dad’s restaurant. She was brutally murdered and her parts were distributed in the sand dunes of several towns on Cape Cod. They caught the guy, Tony Costa, who did it, and she wasn’t the only one he’d killed. He was convicted, sentenced to life in Walpole Penitentiary which is exactly what he served; committing suicide May 12, 1974.

    The other took place some 20 years later to a shade-tree mechanic who worked on a couple of cars I owned. Bobby (can’t remember his last name) was a “marginal” type but basically a very nice guy. He was murdered, dismembered and scattered out in the Everglades. The two guys who killed him were caught, tried and are currently serving “life without possibility of parole” in Raiford.

    Currently Leslie Van Houten who was convicted of the slayings of Leno and Rosemary La Bianca supposedly at the behest of Charles Manson is having her 19th parole hearing. Those two murders as well as the massacre of Sharon Tate and others at the time were bloody “slasher-type” murders.

    I’m sorry, but I find absolutely ZERO entertainment value in such movies and think it’s a shame that movies of people having consensual sex are rated X and slasher movies aren’t.

    • I agree that movies with sexual material should not be more scrutinized than those with extreme violence. As far as slasher films having 0 entertainment value, I disagree. Being scared is a normal human emotion and movies like these are used to get that emotion in a safe way where it’s fun. Real human tradegy is just that and not related to the fictional.

  52. thisistheheff

    Hey, great post!

    I think Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Nightmare on Elm Street are my top 2. Also, I agree with Aiden R – I remember seeing an news article when I was about 5 about copycat killings from Child’s Play. The massive picture of chucky freaked me out for years.

  53. thisistheheff

    also, talking of Christmas horrors, you should take a look at this short called ‘Treevenge’ if you haven’t already seen it…

  54. this is the first time that i’ve seen such a list without psycho on it!

  55. Pretty good list, though I wouldn’t consider Hellraiser, The Fog, or When a Stranger Calls slashers. If they are on the list, where is Psycho?

  56. Nice to see a somewhat lesser known film like “Black Christmas” getting some love. The clever part about “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is how *little* gore it actually shows. Most of it is suggested, mainly due to its low special effects budget. BTW, in keeping with your 1970s-80s slasher film list, I recall a particularly memorable ’80s slash flick called “The Prowler.”

  57. I dont like this kind of movies

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  59. Have never seen one and never will. Too scared.

  60. It may not be able to be considered for a “top ten” since most people can’t stand movies with sub titles, but just for the sake of something new for people who love slasher flicks, probably one of the most disturbing movies I’ve seen is called “Inside”. It’s french, personally i always watch foreign films subtitled since the voice over people NEVER know how to act, even if you don’t know what they’re saying you can feel what they’re saying. So you either have to suffer the subtitles or laugh at the dubbing. Anyway, the gist is that a woman is pregnant, just about due, but the baby doesn’t seem ready to be born yet, if she’s not ready by tomorrow, the doctor tells her over the phone that they’ll induce labor. That night, a strange woman shows up knocking at her door. Eventually it becomes clear that she wants this woman’s baby… even though it isn’t born yet.

    Some parts were goofy, in fairness, but overall they just go above and beyond what’s not even right and take it “there”.

    Martyrs is another one, less a slasher movie, but still pretty gory, also french. I’ve never enjoyed anything from france, but lately I’ve discovered a lot of horror that has really wowed me.

  61. No Scream? That’s one of my favorites, in part because of how self-aware it is.

    Also, I think Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter is probably the best in the series, although Jason Lives is easily the most fun.

  62. Great post! I love horror movies, even the dumb ones. I agree with your list 100%, people now-a-days forget the old ones and they are the best! when I was younger, I was scared to death of Chucky – in the 80’s I had a “My Buddy” doll that looked like him and I couldn’t go near it for weeks!

  63. Confusion no Hime

    I totally agree with the list but I have to say that The Nightmare on Elm Street is my number one.:D

  64. When a Stranger Calls is the creepiest movie I have seen ever in time! I def agree it should be in top 10!


  65. Pretty nice list. Too many movie lists I’ve seen are by kids for whom anything before 2000 is an oldie. This was an unexpected treat.

  66. Great list, Brian, good job. You never disappoint.

  67. Hey good article. I love Friday the 13th part 2. I never thought the Jason movies were that great, but part 2 I think is so well made. I love the campfire scene where they tell the story. Good stuff.

  68. Excellent choices all! But I must add the Hostels, and any/all of the Rob Zombie movies. Those “Texas Chainsaw” events actually happened not that far down the road from me, so all of those go in as a collection, particularly the new remakes. “Gunny” Ermey as the head of the cannibal clan made it priceless.

  69. Oh, and I’m also waiting to see how “Rorshack” does as Freddie. Haven’t seen that one yet.

  70. I’ve seened them all except black christmas….now I must watch.:) Awesome list!!

  71. Friday the 13th II over Jason X? Blasphemy! They took all the good points of the series (violence and skin) and amped them up. In outer space! Brilliant!

    • You are the first person in the history of Earth to say Jason X is brilliant.

      I confess to liking, though. You can’t hate a movie with a cameo by David Cronenberg and a girl getting killed with liquid nitrogen.

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  73. I’m scared of horror movies because I tend to have nightmares afterwards. I’ve seen a few here and there and I’m such a baby because I end up closing my eyes right when they go to attack or I wait for the music to escalate and shut my eyes real tight.

  74. Chucky ftw!

  75. freakin sweet list… i think the 80s movies brought out the best in years to come…. Funhouse was a cheesy film, but I can see where it inspired Rob Zombie in parts of House of 1000 Corpses.
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a great film, although I think only one person gets chopped up with a chainsaw…. not too much of a massacre.
    The 80s film Clownhouse was one of those horror movies where theres a ton of foreshadowing…. and killer clowns…. an awesome combination

  76. those pics look so scary >”<

  77. I agree heavily that F13th Part 2 is superb over its predecessor, in every element. All the films on this list are great, good list. Maybe adding a few honorable mentions would be cool, simply to give notice to some other great slashers that deserve it. I do it for my top 10 horror lists as well. One that would make such an honorable mention list would be “The Prowler”. Incredible slasher. Possibly “Maniac” as well.

  78. OR, Freddie vs Jason was good!

  79. I love this blog. Can’t wait to see some of these horror Recommendations, keep up the good work. Bill

  80. nice collection, few of them I missed. I will complete your list soon

  81. Congrats on making freshly pressed and a very informative post….I am trying to find a film and maybe you can help me – the group of teenagers break down and find a property with a field of deserted/broken down cars….and the residents of the property are hideous and I think they turn out to be cannibals…..the movie ends with the teenagers up the top of a wooden structure/cubby house with the boogey men chasing them and trying to get up the structure from below….turns out all the cars seen at the start of the film are the left over vehicles from their ‘victims’ over all the years….can you help me at all PLEASE!!!????? Thanks! Catrina.

    • I think the movie you’re looking for is “Wrong Turn.”

      Let me know if that’s the one.

      There’s another one it could be — Wolf Creek. It’s an Australian horror movie.

    • Both ‘House of 1,000 Corpses’ and ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ had a giant parking lot area full of victim’s cars… both had creepy-looking people, Chainsaw had cannibals, both had inbreeding….
      I don’t seem to recall a wooden structure. Maybe the ‘Chainsaw’ remake? I hated it and stopped watching pretty early on.

    • I’m almost positive it’s Wrong Turn. There’s a chase scene where Eliza Dushku is stuck in a guard tower and chased along the trees. I’m surprised you’d forget her. I can’t get her out my thoughts, lol.

      • I remember her now! It’s Faith! She looked way young in Wrong Turn tho….Thanks Bri! And yes, she is hot lol….

  82. It’s not a slasher film, but has anyone seen “Freaks”? I think that’s the name. It was made in the 1930’s, and they used real circus sideshow folk in it. It’s just a little over an hour long, but to this day, it’s one of the creepiest, freakiest (pardon the pun) movies I’ve ever seen. I’ve got the heebie jeebies just thinking about it!

  83. my fav is friday the 13th..
    scares to death.

  84. My teen-aged daughter and I love to watch creepy/thriller movies together. And always I would admonish her when she covers her eyes during the scary parts. One time she asked me what would really scare me since we have watched sooo many horror films and she never saw me get affected. I replied “when you asked for allowance and I have nothing to give you…that would really scare me!”

  85. Halo nama saya Fauzan

  86. You missed my all time favourite – The Shining

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  88. Awesome read. However, I would have put Texas Chainsaw Massacre at #1. For no other reason than I loved the movie ha.

    Please check out more great reading at

  89. Halloween is my fav all time

    Please visit:

  90. Great movies, all classic horror/slasher! My stepson decided a year or so ago to see all the gory movies possible, so we’ve been watching a lot of these. My vote for the best slasher movie: “High Tension.” It’s French and subtitled or dubbed, but man it is grusome and scary!

  91. April Fool’s Day (-86)

  92. I never understood the love for these movies. My cousin can watch for hours and hours. I’m glad that they have such a greater audience. ME? no thank you. All I remind is as a kid closing my eyes and getting this ansiety for wanting to know if the bad guy get punch. It always keep me awaken. Next day all I can heard is that it was awesome, and that I lose a great chance to be scared? Good luck to the lovers! If I have to choose one? all are scary indeed.
    ~Great Love to you!
    Mirian from peelingtheorange. “)

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  94. sheilalovespink

    Good choice. Most of maniac killers in slaughter movies make me laugh -for example,Chucky -his a doll! [quite ugly one] How come he kills so many people ,but it is so hard to kill him,I dunno chop his head of or something like that. Plus,his voice,hahahha.
    And Jason from Friday the 13th is hilarious too.Undead,depressed kid killing random people cause his mommy told him so,hahahah.
    But these are good movies,though.
    /Sorry,if I spelled somtehing wrong,I don`t speak english that good.

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  96. wow i actually haven’t seen any of these!

  97. I saw some movies.

  98. earthykindred

    Great movies, but I’m kind of sad that Psycho was not included.. :/

  99. I think you should drop Halloween II and add Scream.

  100. Honorable mention: Scream. Makes fun of them while actually being a decent one!

  101. SAW series also Very Horrible.

  102. Always loved the classics, brilliantly cheesy films. Newer ones seem to focus more on gore.

  103. Great movies… I wouldn’t consider “When a Stranger Calls” a slasher movie… but it is a scary good time! Great list!

  104. mcarteratthemovies

    I like that your list includes a couple of unexpected movies (“Black Christmas,” “When a Stranger Calls”). I’d say “My Bloody Valentine” might merit a spot. And for years I’ve been torn about “Halloween” — is it technically a slasher film? The opening makes the case, but the rest of the film is more about psychological torment than blood and gore.

  105. I remember the sleepless nights brought by these movies. They are classic, but nothing beats the twists they had and their storyline.

  106. mymatchboxclub

    wow… this one awesome list.. love The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.. classic man!

  107. gradyraycomedy

    what about the original hitch hiker movie …i peed a little first time i saw it

  108. Not sure I’d call The Fog a slasher movie. And no Suspiria? Or Switchblade Romance? Or Psycho? And Child’s Play was rubbish.

    What can I tell you, I’m opinionated. 😀 Love the blog, by the way.

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  110. Dead Alive 1992. where can i watch free online ….

  111. 2 Guys, 1 Blog

    Totally watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I live in Texas…. Dang.

  112. Nice! I love all the movies in this list.
    I think all of these movies are good, but I also think Scream should be on the list. I know there are haters 😀 but Scream is part of horror /slasher film evolution. Just a thought.

  113. can’t help but notice that all these movies are from the same time period, no love for haute tension or the descent?

    • I loved the Descent! I also like Dog Soldiers by the same director but they didn’t make the cut. I believe part of the reason for most of these films falling within the same time period is because most of the best slasher films were made at that time. There’s no prejudice there because I watch all movies from very old up to right now and don’t lock myself into some nostalgia bullshit ruining my opinion.

      Thanks so much for reading. We really appreciate it and hope you subscribe. 🙂

  114. Thank you, I really love this story I appreciate what you are doing.

  115. I’m in agreement with your #1 pick! 😀 I did a guest spot on my friend’s commentary site and we did a commentary of it last Halloween; it was a blast!

  116. sure i agree top 10

  117. ZZMike – Thanks for the kind words. Checked out your site. Taking into account everything there, combined with your comments here…we agree on things 100%.

  118. How funny!

  119. Great job!

  120. I have been looking for this all over. finally a great movie site!

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  123. I do not usually respond to articles but I will in this case. Seriously a big thumbs up for this one.

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    Is this possible?

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  129. Your inclusion of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser gets two biiiig thumbs up from me. The first three films were great, and the rest just sucked. Pinhead remains the most underrated screen bad guy ever.

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  131. With all due respect, that’s kind of a crappy list. Way to conventional and predictable. Furthermore, Hellraiser and The Fog aren’t even slashermovies!!

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  133. Uhhhh… Hellraiser and The Fog aren’t slasher movies by any stretch of imagination lol

  134. Halloween (’78) number one. ARGUMENT INVALID. Great post!

  135. Thanks for reading! Halloween is easily hands down my favorite slasher even though it could be argued that Black Christmas was the first…but we are talking the best here. (I enjoyed The Prowler and even Psycho as slashers)

    – Vic

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