The Ten Greatest Directors Part 1


Our three-year anniversary is here! It’s been an awesome run, and we’ve really enjoyed interacting with you and sharing our reviews and articles.

The past two years we’ve had epic lists. Our first year we named the Ten Greatest Films Ever Made, and in year two we did the Ten Worst Movies We’ve Ever Seen. This year we’ve decided to name the Ten Greatest Director.

Here are the list of 45 directors, in no particular order, we will consider for the ten greatest ever. Each day we’ll both cut five from the list until we’re paired down to the Ten Greatest Directors.

Let us know which ones you think should stay, and which should go — and maybe some directors  you thought should have been in the mix.

Woody Allen
Francis Ford Coppola
Quentin Tarantino
Orson Welles
Charlie Chaplin
Billy Wilder
Clint Eastwood
David Lynch
Ridley Scott
Fritz Lang
Terrence Malick
Robert Altman
Oliver Stone
Robert Zemeckis
George Lucas
Brian De Palma
Cecil B. DeMille
Spike Lee
Paul Thomas Anderson
Darren Aronofsky
Ingmar Bergman
Federico Fellini
Martin Scorsese
Joel and Ethan Cohen
John Huston
Tim Burton
James Cameron
Mel Brooks
Sam Peckinpah
Stanley Kubrick
Wes Anderson
Roman Polanski
Pedro Almodovar
Danny Boyle
Steven Spielberg
Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Sam Mendes
Sergio Leone
Milos Forman
Jean-Luc Godard
Yasujiro Ozu
Alfred Hitchcock
Akira Kirosawa
Christopher Nolan
John Ford

8 responses to “The Ten Greatest Directors Part 1

  1. Keep Sam Mendes for sure. Add David Fincher!

  2. Kerry Fristoe (@echidnabot)

    Buster Keaton, Robert Wise, Charles Laughton (only one but what a one!), John Sturges, William Friedkin, Anthony Mann, John Frankenheimer

    • Charles Laughton waiting too long to direct. It’s a shame. Night of the Hunter is masterpiece. Friedkin has fizzled, unfortunately. But Exorcist and French Connection are timeless classics. Keep reading!

  3. I reckon Quentin Tarantino, George Lucas, Martin Scorcese, Tim Burton, CHRISTOPHER NOLAN, and where is Peter Jackson?!

    • Peter Jackson was in the conversation, but he just doesn’t have a large enough body of work. LOTR were a technical achievement, but beyond that, he hasn’t done a lot. Kong was pretty good, but not enough.

  4. Oh, I would also like to put Sam Mendes on there, not bad at all!

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